Koto’s Green Army now staging for attack! Kotobukiya Hulk statues shipping soon?!

Nothing new to report on the Kotobukiya Hulk statue but in some cases a picture tells a story unto itself. Just looking at that image it is easy to see that shipping appears to be eminent for this wonderful Erick Sosa sculpt. Wow! 

Hulk koto army

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100th JadeGiant post and a thank-you

I noticed yesterday that JadeGiant.com was nearing the milestone of 100 posts so this thread is nothing more than a thank you to all the visitors of the site. I appreciate the comments and views and look forward to the next 100 posts. Thanks!

JG 100 posts

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Kotobukiya Avengers ArtFX statue – new pictures

Koto ArtFX HulkIt must be Koto Sunday with new images surfacing for the Hulk statues that are in the works. Marvelous News released these images for the 2014 release of the Hulk as part of the a Kotobukiya Avengers ArtFX series. I have posted about this series a few times (here and here) as a nice looking series of vinyl statues based on the art of Adi Granov. I think this is a great looking statue, especially considering that it is made of vinyl. If the production version of this statue looks as good as this prototype and the price is reasonable I will definitely pick one up. The paint application looks really great on this! 


Koto ArtFX Hulk 2 Koto ArtFX Hulk 3



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New image of Kotobukiya Hulk statue

A new image of the Koto Hulk Avengers statue has surfaced recently. This statue looks great and the scale looks to be even larger than I had initially expected. Not much more to say than wow on this one. Erick Sosa really delivered a great looking sculpt with this one. I would expect that we will see these showing up in the next month or two. new koto hulk statue

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Hulk corner box images: issues 292 – 300

Hulk corner box transformationI have always been a fan of the corner box artwork on comic book covers. They are part of the signature of a comic for a specific era and/or artist duration on a book. As such, I just had to share this animation that was put together to show a transformation scene of the Hulk that was played out in the corner box from issue 292 to 300.

The transformation was pretty subtle with a new image coming out each month way back when but the change is much more dramatic when played out in rapid sequential progression. Kudos to whoever put this together – it was a great idea that came together perfectly.



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Incredible Hulk Figure: Hasbro Avengers Assemble Titan Hero Series

It’s been a while since I have been able to spot any new Hulk figures so I was pleased when my family brought this home from Target over the weekend. This figure was previewed a while ago at ToyFair 2013 and it has finally hit Target recently. At 12 inches, it is a nice sized figure and the sculpt and paint job are solid. I would call it a figure as opposed to an action figure as it has very little articulation. The figure is made of a hard plastic which reminded me of the walkie talkies that came out with the 2003 movie release. See picture below for comparison.


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Hulk Fan Spotlight: GammaBro

gammabroI’ve added a new link to the JadeGiant link library for GammaBro.com and I highly suggest giving the site a review. Derek is a big Hulk fan from Ireland who has started his site to share the extensive Hulk collection that he has amassed. I really enjoy seeing the images of his collection as I have taken most of my items out of the package – it’s nice to see how they came originally.

I think my favorite aspect of the site is the name. I coined the phrase GammaBro many years ago on another forum to describe those of that share the Hulk obsession. I have heard many of my good friends adopt the term over the years and it is nice to see that it has also made it’s way across the pond to a fellow Hulk fan(atic) in Ireland.

Kind of fitting that we have a GammaBro from the Emerald Isle eh? Go check out GammaBro.com today!

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