Comic Shop Hauls of Gamma Goodness August 2 2018

Picked up a few goodies this week that I am anxious to open up.

Immortal Hulk issues 3 and 4 – I didn’t hate issues 1 and 2 and actually found myself looking forward to where the story is going. Looking forward to seeing how the next 2 issues play out. I was scratching my head when I flipped through issue 3 as the art doesn’t look like Joe Bennett’s.

QFig Gladiator Hulk figure from Thor: Raganarok – I love the stylized sculpting job on this one so much I thought it stands alone and doesn’t need the accompanying Thor figure. I will probably display this one next to the first QFig Hulk.

Classic comics – Avengers 88 is an upgrade copy and I have trouble resisting a cheap Hulk 227 as it is my favorite issue – I think I am up to 8-10 copies.

Little Book of Hulk by Taschen – picked it up and not really sure what’s inside. Anxious to check this out!

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