Sal Buscema Hulk Interview Podcast and a Great Commission Opportunity!

Hulk emotions

Sal-Buscema at the boardI am very proud to present an exclusive interview with the quintessential and definitive Hulk artist, Sal Buscema. My good friend and fellow Hulk fan Jason Loker recently spent 45 minutes talking with Sal about his thoughts and experiences with the Hulk. To my knowledge, this is the first interview done by Sal that is focused on the Hulk and it is great to hear Sal talk passionately about the “big green guy.” The interview is packed full of great insights from Sal on a variety of topics such as Sal’s experience with Stan Lee, why Sal’s favorite character is the Hulk, his penchant for drawing emotions so well, Sal’s take on the Hulk TV series and Avengers movie, Sal’s favorite Hulk story … just to name a few.

Sal Hulk poster croppedI want to give a huge, hulking thank-you to Sal Buscema for taking the time out of his day to talk about a shared passion with his fans. Listening to the interview, I was transported to my childhood and the very fond memories I have of pulling Sal’s Hulk issues off the spinner rack at the corner store and reading the issues until the covers fell off. I also want to thank and recognize Sal’s art agent Al Czarnecki who made this podcast possible. A big thank you to Jason as well for letting me in on such a great experience although I have to admit that listening to him talk with Sal makes me just a little green with envy.

And if the podcast wasn’t enough good news, I am excited to share that Sal is currently accepting art commissions through his agent, Al Czarnecki. Al is a great guy to talk to and very easy to deal with when setting up a commission. I am currently in line for a Sal commission myself and I highly recommend contacting Al via his email address below if you are interested in getting a commission.

If you are interested in a commission, please work with Scott Kress at Catskill Comics, click here for rates and contact information.  Tell him JG sent you!
Hulk vs Spidey by Sal BuscemaSal Buscema Hulk homage to Bob Larkin painting Sal Buscema pencil commission Sal buscema Hulk commission inks
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34 Responses to Sal Buscema Hulk Interview Podcast and a Great Commission Opportunity!

  1. Pat says:

    Cool. Any samples of Sal’s recent commission work? How much does it cost?

  2. Sean says:

    That was the greatest podcast of all time! Great to hear his voice and take on the Hulk. 100% Hulk podcast…no filler! Thanks so much for sharing…definitely put my name in for a commission.

    • thejadegiant says:

      I agree Sean. I was grinning ear to ear though the whole podcast. Glad to hear you are also getting something from Al. I am really anxious to see my piece. Are you in contact with Al already?

  3. joefixit2 says:

    Sal is the best Hulk artist of all time and it is great to hear him talk about the Hulk. AWESOME!!

  4. Jeremiah says:

    That was awesome. Thanks for posting it. Definitely going to look into setting up a commission with him.

  5. thejadegiant says:

    I am glad to hear that people are going to get artwork from Sal. Make sure to tell Al that you heard about the opportunity here.

  6. Hulk5150 says:

    Incredible interview! We finally get an all-Hulk interview with his greatest artist, Sal!!! Seeing Sal’s Hulk changed everything for me–I’m glad to hear him get the recognition he deserves! Thanks for hosting it, JadeGiant!

    • thejadegiant says:

      You are very welcome fiddy! I have to repeat my big thanks to Sal, Al, and Jason for bringing this podcast to life. I am happy to be able to share such a fun and informative interview with Sal.

  7. Jeff says:

    Awesome interview! Thanks to everyone involved. The first Hulk comic I ever got was issue #238. When I was at the grocery store with my grandma, she let me choose one comic off the stands, and that cover caught my attention over everything else. I read it to death, and still have it today. Sal was THE Hulk artist I grew up with, and is still one of my all-time favorites. I credit him along with the TV show for a life-long interest in the Hulk.

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  11. Zeno says:

    That was a excellent interview. Sal Busecmea was probably the best and certainly the most prolific of all the incredible hulk artists. He also seems like a very down to earth fellow.

    Is he from Chicago? I noticed a accent.

  12. Matt Wieringo says:

    That was terrific! Thanks for posting that. Mr. Buscema was my idol growing up. If he drew it, I bought it. I had the pleasure of meeting him at Heroes Con years ago and getting a Nova head-sketch. He’s such a great guy and your interview really conveys that.

  13. Marcelo Vita says:

    Brought to me tears, big part of my childhood.

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  15. Wow! This is a great podcast and I loved hearing Sal Buscema talk. He’s my favourite Hulk artist by far, and I really enjoyed his run when I was younger. I recently bought a bunch of trades containing his Hulk-work, or at least part of it since it so much, and am planning on reading it during the upcoming holiday season. Thanks for making the podcast!

  16. thejadegiant says:

    You are very welcome – happy to have a small role in bringing some insight from Sal on topics all of us Hulk fans can surely appreciate

  17. parthiv desai says:

    Great interview, I love interviews that revolve around a specific subject (in this case the hulk) because they allow for questions that you don’t normally see.

  18. Dar says:

    A truly most excellent ionterview with a legend. The last of the Greats, if I’m not mistaken.

    he’s 100% right on today’s comics. Too adult, though DC is worse.

    Funny enough, I’ve always pronounced his name “Bushema” not “Busema”. Maybe because of actor Steve Buscemi whose last name is usually pornounced “Bushemi”.

    Thanks for doing this interview!

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