Hulks are Popping up everywhere! It’s a great time to be a Funko Hulk fan!

I have been a huge fan of Funko for many years and really enjoyed collecting the Wacky Wobbler bobblehead series. Then Funko really raised the bar with the introduction of the Pop series which are currently ridiculously popular. Personally, I can’t get enough of the Pops so I was thrilled to see several new versions in 2018. Listed below are some of the new Hulk Pops coming out – I will be chasing them all. Click to enlarge.

– Venomized Hulk –haven’t had any luck finding one. My comic shop put one on order
– 10 Years of Pops Gold Chrome Hulk – I have this on pre-order at Entertainment Earth
– Hulkbuster vs Hulk – coming out at New York Comicon next month and Walgreens
– Hulk vs Loki – Walgreens exclusive
– Hulk with Christmas presents
– Banner Hulk Infinity War
– Spidey Hulk

If this has you wondering how many Hulk Pops have been released, click here for an online checklist. And just for fun, check out this awesome life-size Hulk pop at Funko HQ!


   Funko Spidey Hulk Pop

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Comic Shop Hauls of Gamma Goodness August 2 2018

Picked up a few goodies this week that I am anxious to open up.

Immortal Hulk issues 3 and 4 – I didn’t hate issues 1 and 2 and actually found myself looking forward to where the story is going. Looking forward to seeing how the next 2 issues play out. I was scratching my head when I flipped through issue 3 as the art doesn’t look like Joe Bennett’s.

QFig Gladiator Hulk figure from Thor: Raganarok – I love the stylized sculpting job on this one so much I thought it stands alone and doesn’t need the accompanying Thor figure. I will probably display this one next to the first QFig Hulk.

Classic comics – Avengers 88 is an upgrade copy and I have trouble resisting a cheap Hulk 227 as it is my favorite issue – I think I am up to 8-10 copies.

Little Book of Hulk by Taschen – picked it up and not really sure what’s inside. Anxious to check this out!

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New Bob Larkin Hulk Poster Homage from the Incredible Andrea Di Vito!

First off, I just have to say how great the commission experience with Andrea was. If you collect art and like his art I heartily recommend looking him up for a commission. I became a fan of Andrea’s art when he drew the World War Hulk vs Xmen story arc and have enjoyed his work since, so adding his take on my theme was a thrill. As a bonus, Andrea included a few WIP shots as he drew the piece as a peak into his creative process. Click the thumbnails below to enlarge for more detail. If you are interested in discussing a possible commission idea from Andrea, use this email to see about getting some fantastic artwork:





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Bob Larkin Hulk poster homage by Dave Guertin of CreatureBox!

My latest Bob Larkin Hulk poster homage comes from the very talented artist Dave Guertin from the Creaturebox art team. I met the CreatureBox guys at their booth at the Heroes Comic Convention many years ago and always enjoy hanging out, talking creatures, and just shooting the breeze. This summer I had Dave do a piece for the Bob Larkin gallery and he absolutely nailed it my opinion. Below are a few pics from the show and a link to the CreatureBox website – which I highly recommend checking out.

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New Avengers: Infinity War trailer is up and full of great images … except the Hulk!

The new Infinity War trailer dropped today and it is chock full of awesomeness with one notable exception – no Hulk shown! Banner or Hulk in the Hulkbuster suit seems to be a growing likelihood and if so, we will probably soon see an incredible Hulk busting out of the Hulkbuster scene. Thanos appears to be handling Cap, Iron Man, and Thor and other heroes rather easily which paints a grim picture for half of the earth’s population. Check out the video and pictures (click to enlarge) below. This is good stuff!

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Hulk and Black Widow to reunite in Avengers: Infinity War, Banner to meet Thanos?

We have know for a while that Avengers: Infinity War will be part of a focused Hulk story arc spanning 3 movies and we are starting to see small pieces of how the story might unfold in Infinity War. According to a recent CBR article, Banner and Natasha will continue to develop their ongoing relationship. Is it just Natasha helping Banner revert from a Hulk out? Will the Banner/Natasha relationship become something more?

Another article from screenrant hints at a possible meeting between Banner and/or Hulk that leaves a strong impression on our favorite Jade Giant. The story is more speculation than anything but posits that the scene at the end of Ragnarok with the Guardians of the Galaxy might have been the group encountering the mad titan himself.

Mark Ruffalo: The Hulk is also mightily impressed by Thanos.

 These articles leave more questions than answers but it does seem to confirm that the Hulk will have a nice story within the movie. I suspect that MCU won’t give too much away so we will have to wait and see what unfolds in the movie. The images below (click to enlarge) and articles are worth a quick look and don’t really spoil anything.




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Armored up Hulk in Avengers: Infinity War? Hulkbuster Banner?!?!

Sounds crazy, right? My thought as well but an article by Cinemablend and sneaked figure packaging at Reddit has me wondering if there is a possibility that Bruce might be donning the Hulkbuster armor as part of the Infinity War story. Tony Stark has developed new armor for the movie (per the new Entertainment Weekly magazine cover) so maybe he doesn’t need the bulky suit. Maybe Bruce doesn’t want to Hulk out in fear that he will lose control to the Hulk for two years or more like he did in Ragnarok. Maybe the images from the trailer show Bruce tinkering with the armor. There is enough to make you go hmmm, but nothing more. For all we know the figure packaging could be mocked up and fake. With the Hulk’s part of the story in Infinity War kept pretty quiet so far, it does make for some interesting consideration. See pics below (click to enlarge) and for your own opinion. What do you think?

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