JadeGiant on YouTube?

Yep, we are now on YouTube. I say “we” because my son (who has had a channel for a while) convinced me that to be a real web site we need to do a YouTube channel. So here we are. On this episode we do a review of some recent Hulk hauls. This video is from April so it is a bit dated. Please forgive the lack of experience filming videos – I will work to improve them going forward. If there is anything you’d like to see featured in a future episode, drop a comment and we will see what we can do. Click here to go to the JadeGiant YouTube page and please feel free to share, like, comment and subscribe if you have a YouTube account!

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Hot Toys Gladiator Hulk available at Sideshow web site for $355


The heavily anticipated Hot Toys Gladiator Hulk from Thor: Ragnarok is available for order at the Sideshow web site.

The good news is the price – at $355 it is lower than I anticipated. The bad news – you will be waiting nearly a year to get one as the expected ship date is listed as April-June 2018.

I really like this figure so it may be my first Hot Toys purchase. I think if it were available right now, I would pull the trigger but waiting a year may have an impact. I will wait on this one.

Be sure to check out the Sideshow web site for a ton of great pictures from all angles.


Type- Sixth Scale Figure
Manufacturer Hot Toys
Artists: Clare, Yoo (Head Sculpt), Kyoung Geun, Kim (Head 3D Design), JC. Hong (Head Paint & Head Art Direction), Lok Ho (Armor Paint)


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The Thor: Ragnarok Cosbaby Hulk bobblehead

Hot Toys has announced the new Cosbaby line for Thor: Ragnarok. I won’t plan on getting all of these but the Gladiator Hulk is definitely a must. I am not sure of the size but these appear to be a good fit alongside the Pop! and Dorbz Gladiator Hulks that are coming out from the movie as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Hulk themed shoes for NFL player

A bit off the beaten path but still a cool story. Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy showed up at camp sporting these incredible looking cleats. The NFL won’t let him wear these on the field I am sure but it would be cool to see it happen!

Hulk cleats

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Kotobukiya joins the list of companies releasing a Hulk statue from Thor: Ragnarok

And another Hulk statue image from the Thor: Raganarok movie has shown up, this time from Kotobukiya. And once again, it looks awesome! Just a sneak image from SDCC so I am sure more details will be coming – stay tuned! All of the images of the “Gladiator” Hulk statues released so far look really good and will require all Hulk diehard fans to make some decisions on what they add to their collections as I am sure we are not done seeing what will be released. I can only imagine what Sideshow has in store for full size statues. I am hoping we see the pose of the Hulk right after he breaks through the arena wall with weapons in both hands! It is a very good time to be a Hulk fan and/or collector!

Koto Hulk ragnarok


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Thor: Ragnarok poster revealed and it is a thing of beauty!

What a feast of the eyes! I love the color, symmetry and a cast of characters led by the Hulk all combine to make for a great visual! I don’t usually buy movie posters but I may make an exception for this.


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Valkyrie captures Hulk and brings him to Sakaar? More Thor: Ragnarok details emerge

Cinema Blend posted an article that appears to reveal a little more plot for Thor: Ragnarok, specifically how our favorite jade giant ended up on Sakaar. From the article, it suggests that Valkyrie is a galactic “scrapper” and captured Hulk in a similar manner as depicted she captured Thor in the first preview. How did she keep the Hulk subdued (we don’t see the obedience disk)? Did she catch Banner or Hulk? Hopefully we won’t find out until November (I hope they don’t sneak much more) when the movie hits the theaters! The anticipation continues to build!


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