Thor Ragnarok Hulk Dorbz Walgreens Exclusive now available!

The last of the Hulk Dorbz from the Thor Ragnarok line has finally been released. This version is a Walgreens exclusive and the only way to get one of these currently is via the Walgreen’s web site. I am not sure if these will be released at the stores and it currently cannot be shipped to a store for pickup. I grabbed one in case they don’t show up in stores and to help avoid multiple trips to Walgreens which never have the exclusive items that I am looking for. Get yours now!



Available exclusively at Walgreens!

Step into the arena with the characters from Marvel’s Thor Ragnarok! From the silver screen straight to your collection, this Thor Ragnarok Hulk Dorbz Vinyl Figure features the signature Funko stylization. This Hulk Dorbz Vinyl Figure stands approximately 3 inches tall and comes packaged in a double window display box as a Walgreens exclusive!

Made in China

©2017 Funko

Not eligible for Ship to Store at this time

Shipping Weight (in lbs): 0.25

Product in inches (LxWxH): 3.0x 4.5x 5.0

Item Code: 731101

UPC: 88969829188

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Two new Hulks from shopDisney: Toybox Animated and Wood Warriors figures

I just ordered 2 new Hulk items from the Disney web site. I could have waited until my next store visit but I had a 25% off discount which made it almost a wash with shipping costs (and I don’t have to drive 20 miles only for them not to be there). First up is the Hulk figure from the new toybox line. I love animated figures and this one struck a chord with me when I saw it recently. I am anxious to see this one in person as it reminds me of the infinity video game figure released a few years ago. Next is the Wooden Warriors Hulk figure. I saw another version of this line (not Hulk) at GameStop a few weeks back but hadn’t seen the Hulk so I went ahead and ordered it as well. It’s a bit goofy but has a simplistic appeal that made me pull the trigger. If you are planning any online purchases in the very near term, try the code DISNEYPAL at check as it saved me 25% off.

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Animated Hulk through the years: some great Hulk cartoons!

This is a nice compilation of Hulk cartoons that was put together on the Animated Times Facebook page. The video is sometimes a bit blurry but it is still really cool to see how the Hulk has been depicted via animation over the years. I have a lot of nostalgia for the 1982 cartoon for myself and the Super Hero squad from when my son was really young. I enjoyed the Hulk vs Wolverine and Planet Hulk animated movies quite a bit and the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes was simply awesome! There are some things missing in the video and it reminds me that I need to watch Where Monsters Dwell but overall worth the 13 minutes to watch.

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Pre-order available for Gentle Giant Hulk from Thor Ragnarok has listed the Gentle Giant Hulk statue from Thor: Ragnarok for pre-order with an estimated ship date of February 2018. This statue first showed up at SDCC and continues to impress. It looks like the MSRP will be $229.99 and BBTS has knocked off 10% with a list price of $205.99. At 18.5 inches, it will be a medium sized statue (remember, the arms are raised so the Hulk is not 18.5 inches) and the sculpt looks pretty good.

Product Description

When last we saw the Hulk at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron he was sitting on the floor of a Quinnjet that was in autopilot mode and switched off his comlink. How did he come to find himself on the other side of the galaxy serving as a pawn and champion of the Grandmaster in his deadly gladiatorial games? How did get into to space? Was that his original destination? Where do you even find a gladiator helmet that big? There are many questions to be answered when Thor: Ragnarok is released to theaters in November. In the meantime, Gentle Giant Ltd. captures what is sure to be one of the greatest re-matches in the entire Marvel cinematic universe Hulk v. Thor!

Like a raging fire, straight from his silver-screen appearance in the Thor: Ragnarok feature film, the Hulk Collector’s Gallery Statue has been digitally sculpted down the minutest detail, and hand-painted by the amazing artisans of Gentle Giant Studios. Hulk is decked out in his gladiator arena armor from the top his helmet, down to his size 32 sandals! Hulk is depicted wielding one of the biggest war-hammers you have ever seen; and you do NOT want to be on the “Hulk Smash” end of THAT! This 1:8 scale statue of Hulk is the 7th in our Marvel Collector’s Gallery statue line. You can display the Hulk Collector’s Gallery statue on its own or facing off against our recently solicited Thor Collector’s Gallery statue. The statue comes hand numbered with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Product Features

  • 18.50 inches (47cm)
  • Made of polyresin
  • Straight from his silver-screen appearance in the Thor: Ragnarok feature film
  • Has been digitally sculpted down the minutest detail
  • Hand-painted by the amazing artisans of Gentle Giant Studios

Box Contents

  • Hulk Statue
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New Funko Box is loaded with all Hulk Goodness, including 2 new Pops!

The December Funko Collector Corps box features the Hulk and it looks like the loot inside will be absolutely epic! If you want to be surprised when you open this box, don’t click this link or scroll down to view the pictures and video below.  I personally don’t mind a spoiler of this nature and am extremely anxious to add this to my collection of Hulk Pops. Based on the cover to the first Hulk comic way back in 1962, you get both Hulk and Banner Pops. I’d be happy if that’s all the box contained and can’t wait to see what else we will get. Enjoy the sneak picture below and the always-awesome animated short video from Funko!

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Hulk Smashes the Marvel Universe! Marvel Contest of Champions

HulkI started playing the game Marvel Contest of Champions on my phone a couple months ago and find it quite addicting. The graphics and screen play are great and the fights are very enjoyable. But, the best part by far is watching the Hulk smash the Marvel Universe – both heroes and villains alike. I recently downloaded a screen capture app and thought I would share the Hulk’s conquests here. Any other players out there? Player or not, click the links below to view the Hulk’s battles and enjoy the ride as the he journeys along his quest to smash and prove once and for all that HULK IS THE STRONGEST OF ALL! 

First up on the hit list is Dr. Voodoo. Stay tuned for more!

hulk vs dr voodoo


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The strongest Avenger? Answer confirmed in funny clip from Thor: Ragnarok!

Check the video below for a funny short clip from Thor: Ragnarok where the question of who strongest Avenger of all is clearly answered. Early movie reviews are coming back very positive and it is very evident that this movie will contain lots of Hulk and Banner while having a backbone of humor in what sounds to be a GOTG styled approach. Win-Win!

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