Civil War: The real reason Hulk and Thor were not in the movie

See the video below for breaking news on why Hulk and Thor were absent during the Captain America Civil War movie earlier this year. Shot in Australia on the set during the filming of Thor: Ragnarok, I have watched it 3 times and laughed each time through. My favorite line: “Send a raven”

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Sal Buscema and Joe Sinnott Coca Cola poster!

It’s been too long since my last Sal Buscema related update! Below is an advertising poster for Coca Cola from the bronze era of comics, 1980. Part of the Heroes origins series that included Fantastic Four and Spiderman, Coca Cola produced these to promote Coke to comic fans and vice versa. I don’t recall this specifically when it came out but I have long adored the poster due to the origin story being illustrated only like our pal Sal can do. And with Joltin’ Joe Sinnott inks, the art on this poster is as good as it gets. I ran across this at the Detroit Motor City Comic Con earlier this year. It was in really nice shape and already sealed up on foam board. Instant purchase!

Sal Buscema Joe Sinnott Coke poster

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Planet Hulk in Thor Raganarok – let the hype continue!

I have no idea what this picture is, but I know it looks awesome. Posted by Mark Ruffalo on his Facebook page with the caption “Laugh now, cry later”, it appears to be taken while on set for the Thor Ragnarok movie. With the recent news coming out that the movie will contain the Planet Hulk story line, anything to keep the hype going gets this Hulk fan’s gamma blood pumping. November 2017 can’t come soon enough. Enjoy!
Hulk and Ruffalo

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Incredible Hulk coffin – get yours on eBay now!

Of all the things you will find while doing a Hulk search on eBay, this one if near the top weird-o-meter. The auction below is for a life-size coffin replica of a Hulk lunch box. Did you take your lunch to school in one of these? Now you can rest in peace in a jumbo version. The auction starts at a mere $7,000! Something tells me we won’t see a bidding war on this item.

hulk coffin


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What Planet Hulk might look like on screen in Thor Ragnarok

Wow!!! The image below is a fan created piece. It is done VERY well and does a great job of showing what the new movie Hulk might look like in his Planet Hulk gear. I really hope the Marvel brass is giving the Planet Hulk story a good share of time on the new Thor movie. Enjoy!

fake Thor Ragnarok image

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New Animated Hulk movie coming this Fall (2016): Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell 

Marvel_animationHulk: Where Monsters Dwell was announced by Marvel Animation for a Fall release last weekend at San Diego Comic-Con. No sneak peeks or plot revelations but who cares, it is more Hulk to fill the gap until Thor Ragnarok next year. With the Hulk being “killed” in the recent Civil War story I will take any real Hulk (not name Cho) that I can get. I am hopeful that they story will be well done – consider me anxious. The story will include Doc Strange which undoubtedly will be used to build up the hype for the Doctor Strange movie in November.

More news below via Marvel and Newsarama links:

“For fans of the meanest and greenest super hero in the Marvel universe, Hulk gets his very own animated feature, “Marvel’s Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell”! Hulk teams up with Dr. Strange and the Howling Commandoes to explore some of the uncharted corners of the Marvel universe.” Link

“And while the Hulk & The Agents of S.M.A.S.H. series is no more, a new Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell animated feature was announced for release this fall. The Green Goliath will co-star in the film with Doctor Strange the monster team the Howling Commandos. The movie is promised to be more adult-oriented than the Disney😄 shows Marvel is currently producing, with staffers there comparing it to DC’s recent animated features such as Batman: The Killing Joke.” Link

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Carlo Pagulayan takes Hulk’s hamburger at San Diego Comic-Con?!

Hulk says “Quit eating my hamburger or I will smash!”

Or something along those lines. This is a piece Carlo is doing for me at the San Diego Comic-Con and a buddy was kind enough to snap a pic as Carlo had some fun with his lunch. I will post better pics when I have a proper scan but thought this was too funny not to share. Nom Nom Nom. Good stuff!

Carlo Pagulayan feeds hulk a hamburger at SDCC

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