New Sideshow statue pre-order tomorrow: Avengers Assemble series Hulk! Grey and Red options coming.

The newest Hulk statue that was previewed at SDCC launches for pre-orders tomorrow on the Sideshow web site. The Avengers Assemble series includes classic versions of Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man. The statue features Hulk is full SMASH mode and is in 1/5 scale measuring up at 24” in height. The exclusive version will be $595 and include an alternate head while the collector version will be $580. Grey and Red versions will be released later so stay tuned for more details on those.

I personally like this statue a lot. I don’t buy a lot of statues these days due to the rising costs and space considerations but this one I will consider after seeing some pictures with other statues for scale comparison. I like the regular head so the exclusive holds no interest for me. Interesting to see the price gap between the 2 versions – I expect this gap to grow over time.

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3 new Bob Larkin Hulk poster homage commissions

If you didn’t already know, I am a huge fan of Bob Larkin’s original Hulk poster from the 80’s. As a theme, I commission favorite artists to draw the poster in their unique style – see below for 3 new pieces by Erik Larsen, Phil Hester, and Dave Aikins (click to see larger image). Also pictured below is the original poster (in color).


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Hulk gets another commercial, this time with auto maker Renault

It’s not even in English but it is still one of the coolest commercials I have seen this year. Auto maker Renault released their newest commercial staring the Hulk. While it is not exactly clear what is going on, you can clearly tell that Hulk is bounding along through the city in order to jump into the sky and smash on a fiery satellite heading toward the city. This reminds me of the Hulk and Ant Man commercial from last year.

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Hulk on Cover of September Empire Magazine – Could the FREE Marvel Figure be a Hulk?!?!

I don’t think I have ever read Empire magazine but I would pick this up for the cover alone! Just look at that background color palette. Maybe the free Marvel figure will be a Hulk?!?! The next 88 days can’t go fast enough for me!

Empire Magazin Hulk Ragnarok

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Marvel Legends Ragnarok series opened, Hulk BAF built!

I ran across a full set of Marvel Legends Ragnarok series today at a fair price so I picked it up and just built the Gladiator Hulk this evening. All of the figures look very nice and appear to be very accurate according to the recent trailers for the movie. I bought the set of course for the Hulk and will be listing the loose figures via eBay shortly. The Hulk figure is well sculpted and went together very well. I wish the BAF Hulk was a little larger but I am satisfied with the figure overall. See below for several pictures, including a shot with some other Hulk figures to get a sense of size. If you are in the market for a set, I would recommend Dork Side Toys who were great to deal with at the show. Enjoy!

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Puny Little Man animated short with Ed McGuinness art

EDEX Hulk v WolverineI am a huge fan of Ed McGuinness Hulk artwork. In fact, he is one of my all time favorite Hulk artists and his work looks (to my eye) best when inked by Dexter Vines. I found this today from a few years ago when animator John Griffith won a Marvel contest for animated shorts. Taken from the artistic team EDEX (Ed and Dex) and Jeph Loeb from the popular World War Hulk Xmen crossover comic several years ago, the video adds movement and dialog to the panels from the comic. I have included the final winning video and the side by side animation test comparison with the original comic pages.

Puny little man make Hulk mad!

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Iron Studios Gladiator Hulk vs Thor from Thor: Ragnarok!

Yet another Hulk vs Thor from the Thor: Ragnarok statue was announced at SDCC. How many licenses did Marvel release for this (not that I am complaining)? This one is from Iron Studios and might be in the 1/10 scale line (not sure yet) so a bit on the small side for statues but that just means more choices for collectors and fans of the movie. See below for a short video clip their Instagram feed.

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