Mike McKone and Tom Raney, the Larkin Hulk homage gallery grows

The latest additions to the Bob Larkin Hulk homage gallery are from Mike McKone and Tom Raney. Tom did his piece at the Cincinnati show last year and Mike did his for pick up at the Heroes Con show last month. They both did a bang up job and really delivered pieces that paid homage to the 80’s poster by Bob while retaining their very clear and distinct style. Also, very befitting to share these together as Tom and Mike almost always seem to occupy tables next to each other on the con circuit. Enjoy!

20160704_102945-1 20160704_102732-1


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New Planet Hulk movie images and video from Thor Ragnarok from San Diego Comic-Con

Another amazing announcement coming out of the San Diego Comic-Con is shown in the video and images below. Ryan Penagos tweeted out these today to share some props from the newest Thor movie, Thor Ragnarok. You can see The gladiatorial armor/helmet, shoulder guard, and a couple weapons. WOOT! As thrilled as I am to see these, I can’t say that I am surprised. Marvel had to figure out a way to get Planet Hulk, the best Hulk story of the last decade, onto the big screen. Even when Marvel brass was feigning ignorance to the questions about a Planet Hulk movie, I knew this would happen eventually. It HAD to, the imagery and story is tailor made for the cinematic Marvel Universe. Enjoy!

ragnarok planet hulk props

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Hulk vs Wolverine SideShow – San Diego Comic-Con pictures!

First shots of the new Hulk vs Wolverine from SideShow are popping up from the San Diego Comic Con! This looks to be awesome – can’t wait to see some bigger pics from SideShow but this will do until then. I will drop more pics into this post as they show up. Woot! Enjoy!new SS Hulk v Wolvie3
new SS Hulk v Wolvie

hulk vs wolvie SS diohulk vs wolvie SS dio2ss hulk wolvie_nnew SS Hulk v Wolvie2

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 6.48.51 PM

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The Hulk is not dead! Or is he?

downloadRecent news of the Hulk’s death is obviously an attention grabbing scheme to sell more copies of the current Civil War II series, that much we know. Killing off a staple character is Comics 101 if you want to create a temporary sales spike or draw attention to a title (a close second behind the #1 reboot tactic). What we don’t know is how the story will play out. I hope Marvel has something really good lined up for the return of our favorite monster. The questions that are really pertinent are how he was made to look dead, whose idea was it, and how long before the triumphant return (likely accompanied by another reboot)? My money is that Banner cooked up the scheme to get himself off the grid and partnered with Hawkeye to execute the plan. hulkheadshot_400x400Maybe the arrow that does the deed is laced with a blood or neural inhibiting agent that keeps him from transforming while still keeping him alive. Or maybe Tony or Ant man came up with some micro-tech that keeps Bruce in suspended animation while the plan plays out. It could also just be a simple plot device to keep Hulk from single-handedly winning the war himself (does that sound familiar?). I sure hope it isn’t that simple but we shall see soon enough. Six months, tops, before we see ol Jade Jaws back up and smashing again. I hope the brain trust in the bullpen whips up something that blows us all away.

C’mon Marvel, knock our socks off with the Hulk’s return … and make it soon!

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Thor: Ragnarok, let the countdown to the next Hulk movie begin! These Ruffalo videos might help sate our long wait.

We all know that Hulk will next appear on the big screen with the 3rd installment of the Thor movies. The wait is still quite long but the finish line is in sight with a November 2017 release date planned. If that is still too long for you, maybe these videos will help a little bit with the wait. The videos show Ruffalo having fun with the Hulk hand props (used to get a sense of Hulk scale on set) and  waiting on set to do a Hulk scene with facial capture. Enjoy!


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Random Hulk goodness

My apologies for not posting more Hulk swag updates. I still pick cool Hulk items up but haven’t been posting as much. Here’s a picture of a shelf on a bookcase that has been claimed by the green guy. These will eventually join the rest of the Hulk family, let’s call this the staging area. Feel free to ask questions about any of the items. I don’t see anything that is rare or hard to find but you may see something that you need to pick up for yourself! Click the picture to blow up to see in better detail. Enjoy.

hulk shelf


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The lost Hulk annual and the Abel Brigade

The pages below are from a Hulk annual in the early 80’s that never made it to production. As the story goes, the issue was penciled by Larry Lieber and the inking duties fell to Jack Abel but before Jack could add the inks he had a stroke and was hospitalized, making him unable to complete the issue. At this point a group of Marvel artists stepped up to finish the job, calling themselves the Abel Brigade.  That’s where the story apparently ends as the issue was never quite completed and never made it to publication.

There are quite a few pages floating around and I have gathered as many images as I can find to try and stitch the issue back together as much as possible. As a Hulk and Marvel fan, I found this story very interesting to learn how the artists pulled together to get the issue done for Jack. The story caught my attention when researching a page I bought a few years ago that was unidentified at the time. A big thank you to the art collecting community who offered up scans of pages and the names of inkers believed to work on the various pages.

As for the story, the main elements seem to revolve around Banner on an island (apparently via kidnapping), a Hulkout and confrontation with a mechanized robot, an evil genius, and Hulk vs Banner … a typical recipe for a Hulk story from the era.

The pages and their inkers I are listed below. If you have information about this issue and/or scans of pages not included here (or better versions of any below), please feel free to contact me and I will update the sequence. I would love to eventually complete the story. Click on images for larger pictures.

UPDATE 7/13/2016: I really appreciate all the feedback (great stuff in the comments below) and have updated info as provided. I don’t make any claims to 100% accuracy but I am adding info as it comes in. If you have more info or a perspective that may add value, please chime in here on the thread or contact me directly via the site. A couple of people have indicated that Larry Lieber may have also wrote the story which would make sense. Thanks for the feedback – keep ’em rolling in!

Page 04 – Larry Lieber / Joe Rubinstein
unpub Hulk annual p 4








Page 12 – Larry Lieber / Steve Leialoha
unpub Hulk annual p 12








Page 14 – Larry Lieber / Brent Anderson
unpub Hulk annual p 14








Page 16 – Larry Lieber / Terry Austin
unpub Hulk annual p 16








Page 18 – Larry Lieber / Walt Simonson
unpub Hulk annual p 18








Page 20 – Larry Lieber / Carl Potts
20 (Potts)








Page 22 – Larry Lieber / Brent Anderson
page 22








Page 23 – Larry Lieber / Jim Shooter
page 23








Page 24 – Larry Lieber / Bob Budiansky
page 24








Page 25 – Larry Lieber / Bob Wiacek
page 25








Page 30 – Larry Lieber / John Romita
unpub Hulk annual p 30








Page 31 – Larry Lieber / Roy Richardson
page 31








Page 32 – Larry Lieber / Roy Richardson
page 32








Page 36 – Larry Lieber / ?
page 36








Page 37 – Larry Lieber / ?
page 37

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