Tony Salmons draws a GREAT Hulk! Video and pictures here!

Check out the amazing video of Tony Salmons drawing a great Hulk piece of art in the video below. Notice the flat/side of the pencil technique and the great ink work. I love the heavy Kirby influence in Tony’s style and the detail in Hulk’s left hand – wow! If you haven’t seen it, check out Tony’s art in Marvel Fanfare issue 17 where he did a magnificent Hulk story. Legendary stuff! And best of all, I am the lucky owner of this amazing commission!


And if this wasn’t enough, there is more! Check out the incredible Hulk transformation piece here as well. Once again, I am the lucky recipient of this artwork which was penciled by Tony and inked by Matt Brundage.


Next up, a post on Matt Brundage’s amazing artwork, including sculptures and several pieces of art!

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Romita Sr. Hulk!? Test your Hulk knowledge and identify this page!

Are you a Hulk expert? A huge fan of John Romita Sr.? Think you know Marvel comics from the silver/bronze age? If so, I am throwing down the gauntlet to see who can identify the artwork below. Was this a Hulk annual? A joint venture comic with a local department store? Something else? The first person to correctly identify the page will get a cool bit of swag from the gamma vault (and will gain my utmost admiration for their Hulk/Marvel/Romita knowledge). Also included is a picture from the Knickerbocker Wash’N Play Spongeboat toy from the same (apparent) era.

Thoughts/questions/comments – post below!

Romita Sr. - IncredibleHulkAnnual1p30





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1979 Hulk Newspaper Comic Strip by Larry Lieber and Joe Sinnott

I have wanted one of these for quite some time but they aren’t available very often. This strip is from 1979 and it contains a great action sequence with the Hulk doing battle with a “deadly robot.” I love the artwork on this strip, with Larry Lieber on pencils and Joe Sinnott on inks. Story by Stan “the man” Lee.

Hulk strip by Lieber and Sinott

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Gamma Goodness on Valentine’s Day!

Well, my kids know me pretty well. A great Hulk t-shirt (love the classic John Romita Sr. artwork), an awesome Hulk/Hulkbuster set from PLAYSKOOL, and an Avengers notebook filled with drawings by my son = an INCREDIBLE HAUL! Any other Hulk hauls on Valentine’s Day this year?

vday 2016

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Coca Cola + Hulk and Ant-Man = best Super Bowl commercial!

It’s only halftime of the Super Bowl but I am sure that I have already seen the best commercial of the night. What starts out as a Hulk vs. Ant-Man battle for a can of coke turns out to be a team up as Ant-Man helps Hulk when his fingers prove too big to open the can. The commercial is chock full of jumping, smashing, and roaring but my favorite part is then end where Hulk delicately handles the can of Coke with pinky finger extended like he is at a tea party. Natasha’s lullaby at work? Enjoy!

Hulk like Coke!



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Marvel Comics, MTV, and Dale Keown’s Hulk, oh my!

See below for a great video capturing an MTV broadcast from Marvel Studios in February of 1992. As an art collector, I really wish art was still produced this way as I miss the dialog and word balloons on the page. As someone who probably had a mullet at this time, I do not miss the hair styles of 1992.

This was also a great time for Hulk fans as it coincides with Dale Keown’s magical run on the title. Issue 390 came out this month which is one of my favorite covers that Dale drew. In the beginning, all of the changes to the character (muscle shirt, merged personality, big guns, etc) did not appeal to my gamma sensebilities but Peter David’s writing and Dale’s artwork made me a true believer pretty quickly. The Pantheon, Rick Jones, … and who can forget the bunny slippers?!? Also out that month was Hulk crossing over into Spiderman issue 19.


Hulk bunny slippers    Spider-Man_Vol_1_19

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Hulk artwork from the legendary cosmic team of Starlin/Lim/Milgrom!

I just added this beauty from the Infinity Crusade story. Enjoy!

Infinity Crusade 05 page 01

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