A Hulk t-shirt, a GammaBro, and a major award!

What would the Christmas season be without someone getting a major award? Well, my GammaBro Steve (aka Joefixit2) over at incrediblehulk.me has received his very own major award from TeePublic! Congratulations to Steve for reaching virtuoso status as one of the top t-shirt artists on the TeePublic site! Below is a tribute video and an image of his recent Hulk t-shirt. Go get one now!

Joefixit t-shirt design gladiator studio

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New Marvel Mighty Muggs Hulk Action Figure! Bring on the Muggs!

Before there were Pop! Figures, there were Mighty Muggs and while I love my Pops, I have really missed the Muggs. I was quite disappointed when the Muggs were discontinued so I am thrilled to see them coming back as announced earlier this year. Not sure exactly how I feel about the pop down head change but my first impression is that it will be an awesome feature that allows flexibility with your display without having to mage multiple switch out heads. Win-Win! I have to think this is just the first version and that we will see more versions and the larger sizes.

These are not yet available but can be pre-ordered at Entertainment Earthfor $10.99 with a delivery ETA in January. Bring on the Muggs!

Marvel Mighty Muggs Hulk Action Figure


The awesome is back! Marvel Mighty Muggs are the classic collectible figure, and they’re better than ever. Each figure is packaged in a stackable, sturdy box and is easily removed without damaging the packaging – just cut the tape, turn the fasteners, and it’s free. And putting your figures back in the boxes for display is just as easy!

Each 4-inch figure has 3 different faces – just push down on the top of their skulls and the figures can go from angry to happy to sad, or other emotions. You can even access the mechanism without having to open the packaging. Hulk is smashing with green skin and an angry face.


Company: Hasbro
Themes: Hulk, Avengers, Marvel
Product Type: Action Figures
Characters: Hulk
Age: All Ages
Country of Origin: China
Gender: Male
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Target Exclusive Ragnarok Funko Pop items dropping soon, including 10″ figure and Pop/shirt package

Target is really stepping up their game lately with new Funko Pop Hulk items! The 10″ Ragnarok Hulk has been announced for a while but the repainted regular sized pop and t-shirt package is newly released information.

The Jumbo Pop retails at $29.99 and is not currently available for purchase on the Target web site. I am thinking this might not be available to buy at the site as they are starting to pop up at stores on the west coast but still are marked “shipping temporarily out of stock” online. It might be a situation where they might eventually be available online but I am not taking any chances – I will make trips to the store until I (or a group of fellow searchers) find one. These are being flipped for crazy money on eBay – I would avoid the temptation to grossly over pay on this.

The repainted regular sized Ragnarok Pop and matching t-shirt are available online right now and retail at $24.99. Target is offering free shipping and has marked these as “not sold in stores” so I am going to go ahead and get one of these.

These are both home run Funko Pops and a must-get item for any Hulk Funko collector.

Funko POP Movies Swole Mini Figure
10″ POP! Hulk with Helmet, exclusively at Target! From Marvel’s blockbuster, Thor: Ragnarok, Hulk comes alive as a 10″ Gladiator POP! Collectible
Includes: 1 figure
Material: vinyl
Dimensions: 11.50 inches H x 8.25 inches W
Weight: .50 pounds
Suggested Age: 3 Years and Up
Battery: no battery used
TCIN: 52679383
UPC: 889698232135
Store Item Number (DPCI): 323-01-0715

Funko POP! Thor Ragnarok: Thor vs Hulk T-shirt + POP! – Xlarge
POP! Hulk and Tee, available exclusively at Target! It’s tough when you need to choose between 2 strong Avengers. Luckily, with this shirt you can take both sides as the the 2 find themselves against each other in Thor: Ragnarok.
Includes: figures
Material: vinyl
Dimensions: 8.2500 inches H x 6.5000 inches W
Weight: 0.8100 pounds
Suggested Age: 3 Years and Up
Battery: no battery used
TCIN: 53127476
UPC: 889698292337
Store Item Number (DPCI): 323-01-1273

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Avengers: Infinity War official trailer is up!

I don’t have Spidey sense but the hair on my arm stood up watching this trailer just like  Peter Parker’s did. Directed by the Russo brothers, the 2-part Avengers movies look to be action packed and will carry a heavier tone than the more recent films released by Marvel (ie GOTG and Thor: Ragnarok). Seeing Thanos assembling the gauntlet is foreboding and ominous, as it should be and makes you wonder what chance the heroes have against him if/when he adds all of the infinity stones. How can he be defeated? How will the Hulk be used? So many questions that will be exciting to see answered. See below for the trailer and lots of pics (click to enlarge)! May can’t get her soon enough!

Avengers Infinity War movie 8

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More Dale Keown Hulk art? Yes, please!

Dale Keown is on the short list of the greatest artists to ever draw the Hulk. His work on the Hulk is one of my favorite runs on the title ever. As an collector, Dale’s art is at the top of my wish list so getting new pieces that he has drawn is always very exciting. The two pieces below were quick convention sketches done in 2005 for a collector at a show. I picked them up a few years later and really wanted to see what they would look like with inks so I sent them to Joe Weems based on the work that he did with Dale on the Hulk story The End. I was very happy to see how these turned out and would highly recommend Joe as an inker. 2017 has been a great year for Dale Keown artwork for me personally with these pieces and the amazing haul from Fan Expo in September. Stay tuned for another huge update regarding Dale art next year (and hopefully each year thereafter)!

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CYBER Monday at Entertainment Earth web site: great deals on Hulk swag and FREE SHIPPING!

Entertainment Earth is offering some great deals on select Hulk items and shipping is free. Too good to pass up so I ordered a few items below. Less than $30 for all 3 items is pretty darn cheap! Shop now!

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CYBER Monday at Disney web site: lots of great Hulk items available!

Disney is offering some decent deals on Cyber Monday and there are lots of nice Hulk items to be had. Discounts up to 30% off and FREE SHIPPING are worth a look for sure. I picked up the Ragnarok mini figure set that includes a Gladiator Hulk as well as a nice t-shirt. Pictured below are just a few items included in the sale. I have picked up all of these except the Marvel figure mini set as I am not sure I want to drop $40 for just a small figure. Happy shopping!

Cyber Monday: Take 15% Off $50, 20% Off $75, 25% Off $100 or 30% Off $150 or More | Code: CYBRRR

Free Shipping on Orders of $75 or More | Code: SHIPMAGIC

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