Amazing Chris Stevens Hulk Transformation Painting

Not a new piece, but worthy of re-posting this painting from a couple years ago due to a new and improved scanned image of the artwork that I found on my computer. If you aren’t aware of Chris Stevens, you should be as he is an extremely talented and amazing artist. Click here for the older post that includes his web site and images of additional artwork I have picked up over the years from Chris.Hulk transforms final photo 1

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Paul Pelletier – new artwork scores!

If you aren’t new around here, you know I am a big fan of Paul’s artwork, especially the Hulk. I would love to see him on the title again (Hey Marvel!) but since that doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon I will just keep on looking for more artwork. See below for two great examples of Paul’s artwork (and my quickie mash up compilation).

Pelletier Hulk vs Thing

PaulP_Hulk Pelletier Thing

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Hulk art by Michael Golden

Love this homage to Bob Larkin’s iconic Hulk poster done by Michael Golden. Worked this one out at the last Wizard Ohio convention.

Golden Larkin small


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Hasbro Planet Hulk Super Hero Mashers?

Picked up a Super Hero Masher of whiplash recently. Not because it was whiplash but because it had a nice looking Planet Hulk head included (and possible a hand with sword). I almost put it back but I really like PH stuff so I grabbed it to figure out later. The back of the box shows a Skaar and Armored Hulk in the new series (I am assuming it is new) so I will be on the lookout for those (armored Hulk for sure) and I am wondering if I have to now pick up several of these in order to assemble the Planet Hulk (Marvel Legends BAF style). Did I just get sucked into buying this series? Anyone know?

20150714_163418-1 20150714_163409-1 20150714_163430-1

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The Incredible Herb Trimpe – must-read material for Hulk fans

A new book just arrived in the mail this week: The Incredible Herb Trimpe written by Dewey Cassel and Aaron Sultan (both fellow Herb fans and art collectors) and published by Twomorrows Publishing. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet but I have thumbed through the pages a couple times and it looks to be chock full of Herb Trimpe’s Hulk goodness. It’s a shame that he isn’t with us any more as I would have loved to see his reaction to the book and to have him add his signature and a quick sketch. Herb was a mainstay on the convention circuit and I had the honor of meeting him and his wife many times. I count myself fortunate for those experiences and the handful of pages of art that I was able to pick up at these encounters. Herb is a gamma legend and would be a first ballot Hulk Hall of Fame member (if there were such a thing) for his tremendously significant contributions to Hulk’s history. I will post more thoughts after I get a chance to read it cover to cover but wanted to give a shout out to let everyone know that the book is out. If you are a Hulk fan or a fan of Herb, this is must read material! Click here to get your today!

incredible herb trimpe cover20150710_172908-120150710_172921-120150710_172952-120150710_172933-1

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Heroes Con 2015 – the best comicon out there!

Last weekend marked my third trip down to Heroes con and it was an amazing time. The show is one of the longest running cons and they put on a show that is fun, family friendly, and packed with all kinds of comic goodness (none of the aisle-clogging traffic for media guests here). I took my son this year and he had a blast and told me I am not allowed to go to this show again without him. One of the highlights include amazing cosplay as people really do it right at this show – there are just a few pics below of some of the better Hulk themed cosplayers.If you enjoy comic art, this is the show for you and I always enjoy hanging with my regular comic artsits friends like Lee Weeks, the creaturebox guys, Skottie Young just to name a few. Hanging with my good friend, and fellow Hulk enthusiast, Steve Yarish always makes for a good time and some great gamma related conversation. I have also met some others regular attenders at the show that have developed into good friends. On Saturday night we got to see an all out bidding war that saw a Mark Brooks piece for for $15,000 – a new Heroes auction record! My son scored a ton of sketches and I scored a great Maestro commission from an artist that was previously unknown to me: Alessandro Micelli. Alessandro is a great artist and I really enjoyed visiting with him at the show – highly recommend him if you are looking for some new artwork.

Oh, did  I mention that we got to meet Stan Lee? Mark that one off the bucket list! Excelsior! ‘Nuff Said! It was nice for Stan to wear a nice Hulk colored sweater for the photo op.
Dave brayden stan lee)

20150620_143530-1 20150620_115611-1 20150619_121726-1 10352944_10152948463318008_8354525160237762082_n 11207376_10152948464018008_1931899270589296859_n 10357125_10152948462573008_6213609421613035229_n 10277650_10152948463588008_2686720539452236677_n


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New EAGLEMOSS Hulk statue/figure from the Marvel Fact Files series

I was able to pick up this great looking Hulk mini statue produced by EAGLEMOSS. This is the 4th piece I have been able to pick up and they keep getting better with the sculpting and paints. See below for an image with all 4 that have been produced. In addition to the figure, you also get a great magazine jam packed with great Hulk imagery and facts. I highly recommend this piece.

20150222_012624          20150222_012920          20150222_013846

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