Bob Larkin Hulk poster homage by Chris Uminga

I am a huge fan of Chris Uminga’s artistic style. DC Comics appears to be a fan as well based on the series of vinyl figures they have released based on his artwork. I discovered Chris at a Chicago comic show back in 2006 before he was the well-known artist that he is today. Several years ago, I asked him to create an homage to the Bob Larkin Hulk poster in his signature look and was extremely pleased when I got this back. This is the only color version in the gallery as it was done very early in the collection, right before I decided to keep all the pieces black and white in contrast to the original painting by Bob Larkin. Big thanks to Chris for a great piece, to Bob Shaw who helped set this up, and to my buddy Drew who picked it up at NYCC back when it was completed.





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2 Responses to Bob Larkin Hulk poster homage by Chris Uminga

  1. TC Shen says:

    Yes, you definitely needed an Uminga in this series! And I actually like the sprinkle of color here (and there)…

  2. Awesome piece! I am quite jealous.

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