New Hulk art commission: Dale Keown SMASH!!! (Bob Larkin style)

You can’t talk about the history of the Incredible Hulk without talking about the legendary contribution made by artist Dale Keown. Dale’s time on the book was among the best period’s of time for our favorite Jade Giant. The story, and especially the art, rival any time during the Hulk’s history in comics in my opinion. Can you tell that I am a big fan of Dale’s art? As such, I have always wanted to commission Dale for some Hulk art and was lucky enough to make that happen this past September at the Fan Expo comic con in Toronto Canada. If you missed the post from the Dale Keown Experience, check it out for a complete write up from the show. As part of the show I was able to set up a commission with Dale through his rep Gin Kung at Comic Paradise. Dale was swamped with fans and collectors all weekend so I asked if he wanted to do my piece at home and he agreed. What you see below is Dale’s contribution to my Bob Larkin Hulk poster homage collection of commissioned artwork (here are a few examples if you’d like to see more). To say I was blown away would be a massive understatement as I could not have imagined the art being as nice as it is. That’s quite a statement as I have been trying to figure out how to get a commission from Dale for 10+ years so the anticipation was very high. The details in this piece are hard to describe – simply amazing! The commission experience with Dale and Gin was among the best I have ever experienced and I could not recommend reaching out to Gin more highly if you are interested in learning more about a commission from Comic Paradise. Pictured below is the art (click to enlarge) and a couple candid shots with Dale and Gin holding the art. Thanks guys!

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