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New Hulk art commission: Dale Keown SMASH!!! (Bob Larkin style)

You can’t talk about the history of the Incredible Hulk without talking about the legendary contribution made by artist Dale Keown. Dale’s time on the book was among the best period’s of time for our favorite Jade Giant. The story, … Continue reading

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Happy 82nd birthday to Our Pal Sal Buscema, the greatest Hulk artist of all!

Happy 82nd birthday to the incredibly talented artist and human being, Mr. Sal Buscema! Sal is best known for his stints on the Incredible Hulk and Spectacular Spiderman. It was his run on the Incredible Hulk comic that introduced me … Continue reading

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Paul Pelletier and Carlo Pagulayan – 2 new Bob Larkin Hulk poster homage pieces

I am really enjoying adding new editions to my themed collection of homage pieces to one of my favorite Hulk images, the Hulk poster painted by Bob Larkin. The latest come from 2 of my all time favorite Hulk artists: … Continue reading

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Hulk gets colors:  by Paul Downey over Alan Davis pencils and Mark Farmer inks!

I recently posted about a great experience getting Hulk artwork from Alan Davis and Mark Farmer. A friend of mine appreciated the art as well and asked to add some colors. Paul Downey did the amazing digital coloring art as … Continue reading

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The Hulk by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer!

Any Alan Davis fans out there? Mark Farmer? I am a huge fan of both, especially when their artistic creativity is combined. If you are an Alan Davis fan, you know that getting commissioned art from him is not easy. … Continue reading

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Carlo Pagulayan takes Hulk’s hamburger at San Diego Comic-Con?!

Hulk says “Quit eating my hamburger or I will smash!” Or something along those lines. This is a piece Carlo is doing for me at the San Diego Comic-Con and a buddy was kind enough to snap a pic as … Continue reading

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Mike McKone and Tom Raney, the Larkin Hulk homage gallery grows

The latest additions to the Bob Larkin Hulk homage gallery are from Mike McKone and Tom Raney. Tom did his piece at the Cincinnati show last year and Mike did his for pick up at the Heroes Con show last … Continue reading

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