Happy 82nd birthday to Our Pal Sal Buscema, the greatest Hulk artist of all!

Happy birthday Sal Buscema 2018Happy 82nd birthday to the incredibly talented artist and human being, Mr. Sal Buscema! Sal is best known for his stints on the Incredible Hulk and Spectacular Spiderman. It was his run on the Incredible Hulk comic that introduced me to both the Hulk and Sal’s distinct artistic style. If there were a comic artist Hall of Fame, Sal would surely be a first-ballot inductee! He is, for me and many others, the definitive Hulk artist and the greatest artist to ever draw the character. Here’s to hoping that today is a great day for Sal and his family and that 2018 is a great year!happy-birthday-sal-buscema.jpg

Interested in hearing Sal talk about the Hulk, his career at Marvel, Stan Lee, and much more? Click the link below for a podcast from a few years ago – it’s a great listen!

Also in the link is information for Sal’s agent if you are looking for some great commission artwork for yourself. Look him up and see about getting some art for you wall today!

Sal Buscema Podcast


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