Fan Expo 2017: The Dale Keown Experience!


Made my first trip up to Fan Expo in Toronto Canada this past weekend with a fellow gammabro Steve from incredible with the primary purpose of meeting one of the greatest Hulk artists to ever pick up a pencil, Dale Keown. Planning for the trip was somewhat rushed after learning that Dale was taking a few pre-show commissions but after an expedited passport and figuring out some logistics, the trip was planned and booked! It was a GREAT show as I was able to meet several fellow enthusiasts and artists, muled some art for friends and fellow collectors, and most importantly spent a lot of time watching Dale do his magic with a pencil. In addition to the art I scheduled prior to the show (which will be done at home as Dale wanted to spend more time on it – woot!), I was able to pick up a page from Dale’s legendary run on the Hulk and 3 pages from his RIPPIN’ Pitt story line. I also picked up my latest Larkin homage from Joe Jusko (separate article coming for that). This show was an instant all-time favorite con experience and I hope to be able to make an annual trek to visit Toronto (aka Keown Town) again for the show. Check below for a few pics I snapped at the show and a video of Dale adding a head shot to my Herb Trimpe Hulk tribute jam piece. Is it time for another trip to the great white north yet, eh?





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4 Responses to Fan Expo 2017: The Dale Keown Experience!

  1. I’m so incredibly jealous. I so want to meet Dale and commission a cover from him. Hopefully one day he makes it to Chicago.

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