Bob Larkin Hulk poster homage by Joe Jusko!!

Well, this had to happen – Joe Jusko just needed (say that 5 times as quick as you can) to be in my collection of Bob Larkin Hulk poster homage artwork. Bob’s work is often misidentified as Joe’s because they both have rich and storied histories as Marvel painters. As such, this was a no-brainer request when I met Joe at Heroes con 2017. Joe did this piece at home and it was ready for pick up at Toronto Fan Expo last weekend and I could not be happier with the result! Joe graciously posted a quick video of him laying down the pencils on the piece (turn the sound up and you can hear the pencil strokes on the paper) and also posted some work-in-progress images of the artwork on his Facebook feed. The video and WIP images can be seen below (click to enlarge) as well as Bob’s original painting. Thanks Joe!



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