More Dale Keown Hulk art? Yes, please!

Dale Keown is on the short list of the greatest artists to ever draw the Hulk. His work on the Hulk is one of my favorite runs on the title ever. As an collector, Dale’s art is at the top of my wish list so getting new pieces that he has drawn is always very exciting. The two pieces below were quick convention sketches done in 2005 for a collector at a show. I picked them up a few years later and really wanted to see what they would look like with inks so I sent them to Joe Weems based on the work that he did with Dale on the Hulk story The End. I was very happy to see how these turned out and would highly recommend Joe as an inker. 2017 has been a great year for Dale Keown artwork for me personally with these pieces and the amazing haul from Fan Expo in September. Stay tuned for another huge update regarding Dale art next year (and hopefully each year thereafter)!

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