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Bob Larkin Hulk poster homage by Joe Jusko!!

Well, this had to happen – Joe Jusko just needed (say that 5 times as quick as you can) to be in my collection of Bob Larkin Hulk poster homage artwork. Bob’s work is often misidentified as Joe’s because they … Continue reading

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Gamma goodness: Hulk Haul preview

The desk is piling up with Hulk stuff so a Hulk Haul video is probably about due. As a preview, see below for an advance of what will be reviewed along with probably a few more items in the near … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to Jack Kirby, co-creator of the Incredible Hulk!

Happy 100th birthday to Jack Kirby. Jack and Stan are the cornerstones of the Marvel universe and the creators of the Incredible Hulk, the greatest character of all! Jack would have been 100 today if he were still living. His … Continue reading

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Kotobukiya joins the list of companies releasing a Hulk statue from Thor: Ragnarok

And another Hulk statue image from the Thor: Raganarok movie has shown up, this time from Kotobukiya. And once again, it looks awesome! Just a sneak image from SDCC so I am sure more details will be coming – stay … Continue reading

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Marvel’s Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United DVD

Due out in April, the newest Hulk DVD pairs the Jade Giant with Shellhead to face off against Abomination, a pack of Wendigos and some of Tony Stark’s very own suits of armor in the upcoming release. It looks good … Continue reading

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