Tony Salmons draws a GREAT Hulk! Video and pictures here!

Check out the amazing video of Tony Salmons drawing a great Hulk piece of art in the video below. Notice the flat/side of the pencil technique and the great ink work. I love the heavy Kirby influence in Tony’s style and the detail in Hulk’s left hand – wow! If you haven’t seen it, check out Tony’s art in Marvel Fanfare issue 17 where he did a magnificent Hulk story. Legendary stuff! And best of all, I am the lucky owner of this amazing commission!


And if this wasn’t enough, there is more! Check out the incredible Hulk transformation piece here as well. Once again, I am the lucky recipient of this artwork which was penciled by Tony and inked by Matt Brundage.


Next up, a post on Matt Brundage’s amazing artwork, including sculptures and several pieces of art!

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