Todd McFarlane draws the Hulk! You have to see the video!

McHulkThe videos below are incredible (pun intended)! Seeing a Todd McFarlane Hulk is a treat … seeing a NEW Hulk drawing is rare as Todd doesn’t draw much outside of what he does for his company, Image Comics. The videos below capture Todd’s method for drawing the Hulk, from the huge brow to the square head and tiny nose. For me, this is how the Hulk should look. Not quite human, exaggerated features, blocky … and Todd does it to perfection. I fell in love with the Hulk’s character by reading Sal Buscema’s issues but had stopped reading comics (cars, sports, and girls supplanted comics for my time and attention) for a few years and when I picked up the comic again Todd was drawing the issues. I was hooked once again! Todd got it, understand how the character should be drawn (for my tastes at least). Sal introduced me to the Hulk and Todd brought me back! I would LOVE to have Todd do his take on my Bob Larkin Hulk poster homage gallery. It’s probably not going to happen but one can dream. Enjoy the videos below!


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