Name that Hulk! Artists revealed

Life has become rather chaotic lately so this update is a little later than I had hoped but at least it is finally here. This is a follow up to the previous post that had the correct answers masked. The correct answers to the Hulk faces are listed in the article.  I had no clue on Ditko (4) and drew a blank on Gil Kane (7) as well. I will have to find the Ditko image reference as I am not familiar with it from my recollection. The Kane piece is one I should have known as I have seen it before somewhere. #3 doesn’t look very Kirby-ish to me but I was familiar with the image so I was able to guess correctly.

Individual reference images (click for larger view):


hulk-102Marvel_Super-Heroes_Vol_1_36Astonish67Defenders_Vol_1_14Hulk181Astonish88Incredible Hulk 200

Incredible-Hulk-222_01Incredible_Hulk_Annual_Vol_1_7245-4tumblr_mdwydgnLPe1rcp7bmo1_1280Incredible_Hulk_Vol_1_341TheIncredibleHulk350 the-grey-hulk-by-dale-keown-32
Reference Information
1) Incredible Hulk #1 cover
2) Incredible Hulk #102 cover
3) Marvel Super-Heroes #36 cover
4) Tales to Astonish #67 page 3
5) Defenders #14 cover
6) Incredible Hulk #181 page 3
7) Tales to astonish #88 page 1
8) Incredible Hulk #200 cover
9) Incredible Hulk #222 cover
10) Incredible Hulk Annual #7 cover
11) Incredible Hulk #245 cover
12) Incredible Hulk #307 cover
13) Incredible Hulk #341 cover
14) Incredible Hulk #350 cover
15) Incredible Hulk #369 cover


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15 Responses to Name that Hulk! Artists revealed

  1. Jeff says:

    The only two times I can remember Ditko drawing Hulk were way back in Incredible Hulk #6 and Incredible Hulk Annual #9. I’m pretty sure this image is from #6. The Gil Kane art was from a run in Tales to Astonish, but the exact issue numbers elude me just now (I want to say somewhere between #80 something to 90 something).

  2. thejadegiant says:

    I will start – first reference added – #12 Mike Mignola Hulk 307 cover

  3. thejadegiant says:

    Feel free to provide additional references – 50 gamma points for each correct reference (with image)

  4. thejadegiant says:

    Another reference added – John Byrne. Feel free to add your own with a link to the reference.

  5. Jeff says:

    Other than those you posted so far, the obvious three to me were: 1 = Incredible Hulk #1 cover, 2 = Incredible Hulk #102 cover, and 14 = Incredible Hulk #350 cover (sorry, no images)

  6. Gary M. says:

    Strangely I’ve tried and tried to post answers but they’re just not showing up. Check the Hulk MB–all the answers and image links are there.


  7. thejadegiant says:

    GREAT job Mark – 450 gamma points!

    The 200 cover has some subtle differences – I wonder if this is just a degraded image.

    Updated post with full reference information.

    Good stuff!

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