Name that Hulk! How many can you identify? Test your gamma knowledge!

Can you name the artists that drew these Hulk faces? Honor system on this one gammabros … no cheating. I have blanked out the artist list so that you can test your Hulk artist knowledge. The grey Hulks are the easiest and about half of the green versions are obvious but there are a few sure to test your knowledge unless you are already familiar with this classic page. I will leave this up for a week and then I will post the unaltered page to see how many you get right. Post your guesses here and don’t go searching for the page as a cheat because you will likely find it. Good luck!

many faces of Hulk

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4 Responses to Name that Hulk! How many can you identify? Test your gamma knowledge!


    1 = Jack Kirby
    2 = Marie Severin
    3= Bob Powell
    4 = Steve Ditko
    5 = Sal Buscema
    6 = Herb Trimpe
    7 = Gil Kane
    8 = Al Milgrom
    9 = Jim Starlin
    10 = John Byrne
    11= John Romita Sr
    12 = Mike Mignola
    13= Todd McFarlane
    14= Jeff Purves
    15= Dale Keown

  2. Jeff says:

    Good job! I haven’t read my back issues in a while, so I don’t know that I could have got that many right without looking some of them up. Two suggested changes, though, and I don’t know whether they are right or wrong:
    8 = John Romita
    9 = Ernie Chan

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