An Incredible Library!

hulkstatueNorthlake library in Northlake Illinois has embarked on a lofty goal of raising $30,000 to purchase a 9 foot tall Hulk statue (Studio Oxmox), new graphic novels, and technology equipment for the library patrons. The statue is the signature item for this fund raising campaign for the library who calls the Hulk one of the largest literary figures of all time. The library plans to use the Hulk statue to bring people into the library to promote their growing collection of graphic novels.

I really hope the campaign is successful and not just for the Hulk statue. The library also plans to use the funds raised to purchase software and hardware to help people learn how to create art digitally, including a 3D printer which will allow you to design and print 3D statues, action figures, etc. I know I would take advantage of something this cool if my local library had such offerings. Click here for the full article and donation options. I hope to be able to provide an update in a few months that include pictures of the library with their new statue.

Even Ron Marz says that every library should have a Hulk. I agree!

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