The real Hulk coming back in Avengers issue 684 and he’s angrier than ever!

Marvel has announced for a while that the original and only true Hulk will be returning to comics but now we know exactly when (March 2018) and where (Avengers 684), just not how. According to recent IGN news, the Hulk (Bruce Banner) will make his return in the pages of the Avengers comic next month. Comics haven’t been the same since Hawkeye “killed” the Hulk with a special arrow designed by Banner back in 2016 and I am very much hoping that this is truly the Hulk and not another gimmick. Please marvel, no Red Hulk, faux Hulk, or anything other than the one, true Jade Giant that we all love! I have already marked this issue for the pull account – you should do the same!

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4 Responses to The real Hulk coming back in Avengers issue 684 and he’s angrier than ever!

  1. Yep! Already asked my LCS to hold a copy and any variants for me. I’m even gunning for the poster they have up advertising it. 🙂

    Can’t wait. I want the big guy back.

  2. crowleysm says:

    The one true Hulk makes it sound like something nefarious is in the works. I hope they don’t say that for the past 50 years, we’ve been reading and collecting art about Banner/Hulk that was some type of LMD like Nick Fury. And what’s with his eyes? The one, true hulk never had glowing eyes….or am I missing something?

  3. crowleysm says:

    And as a follow up…when the Abomination was revived (sort of) by The Order of the Shield, didn’t he also have glowing eyes with a directive? Kind of like how the Hulk has glowing eyes with Rogue on his back attempting to retrieve (a directive) that black crystal? I think there’s something up here and really don’t have faith that this is the one, true hulk. Just sayin…

  4. sorry guys, didn’t get alerts to your posts. I am dubious as well but am hearing the story leading up to the return is promising. I don’t get the glowing eyes either but we saw something similar when he went worldbreaker so who knows. I will try to remain optimistic and see what happens.

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