The Incredible Herb Trimpe – must-read material for Hulk fans

A new book just arrived in the mail this week: The Incredible Herb Trimpe written by Dewey Cassel and Aaron Sultan (both fellow Herb fans and art collectors) and published by Twomorrows Publishing. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet but I have thumbed through the pages a couple times and it looks to be chock full of Herb Trimpe’s Hulk goodness. It’s a shame that he isn’t with us any more as I would have loved to see his reaction to the book and to have him add his signature and a quick sketch. Herb was a mainstay on the convention circuit and I had the honor of meeting him and his wife many times. I count myself fortunate for those experiences and the handful of pages of art that I was able to pick up at these encounters. Herb is a gamma legend and would be a first ballot Hulk Hall of Fame member (if there were such a thing) for his tremendously significant contributions to Hulk’s history. I will post more thoughts after I get a chance to read it cover to cover but wanted to give a shout out to let everyone know that the book is out. If you are a Hulk fan or a fan of Herb, this is must read material! Click here to get your today!

incredible herb trimpe cover20150710_172908-120150710_172921-120150710_172952-120150710_172933-1

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