Hasbro Planet Hulk Super Hero Mashers?

Picked up a Super Hero Masher of whiplash recently. Not because it was whiplash but because it had a nice looking Planet Hulk head included (and possible a hand with sword). I almost put it back but I really like PH stuff so I grabbed it to figure out later. The back of the box shows a Skaar and Armored Hulk in the new series (I am assuming it is new) so I will be on the lookout for those (armored Hulk for sure) and I am wondering if I have to now pick up several of these in order to assemble the Planet Hulk (Marvel Legends BAF style). Did I just get sucked into buying this series? Anyone know?

20150714_163418-1 20150714_163409-1 20150714_163430-1

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4 Responses to Hasbro Planet Hulk Super Hero Mashers?

  1. Jeff says:

    Armored Hulk and Skaar have both been out in my area (WI) for a while now. I’ve seen Whiplash, too, but haven’t been able to make myself pick him up yet for just the Hulk head and an arm, especially since he’s one of the mid-size figures (ie. more expensive). Hate to tell you he armor Hulk is wearing is more like his Indestructible Hulk armor vs his PH armor. You can take a look to see what you think on the TRU website: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=45535346&cp=&parentPage=search

    • Thanks Jeff – I knew someone would know and it doesn’t surprise me that it was you! Yeah, I was the sucker that picked it up for the arm/head. Call it a moment of weakness as I hadn’t been able to score anything for a while so withdrawal was kicking in )don’t laugh, we have all been there). I knew the armor was from indestructible Hulk but I was thinking that the PH accessories might be used to build another (PH) figure. Sounds like they aren’t so I am just stuck with a random PH head with nowhere to go? Grrr …. Hasbro got me good! I will snag the indestructible Hulk if I run across it and will post pics if so.

      BTW – I am pretty sure Whiplash was $15 at Target but TRU website shows Hulk at $22 – not sure why such a difference.

  2. Jeff says:

    Looks like this will be an ongoing line (at least for now) since they revealed new figures at SDCC. If they’re willing to make a head and an arm, who knows, maybe a Planet/WW Hulk figure is in the mix?

  3. I hope so – the head sculpt looks great!

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