Honeycomb Cereal, Herb Trimpe, and the Incredible Hulk: How Can You Go Wrong?

Check out this great video of the 1976 Honeycomb cereal commercial featuring the Hulk and the Honeycomb hideout crew. I loved Honeycomb cereal as a kid and my parents didn’t object too much when I asked for it (unlike some other cereals) so I had it quite often growing up. The Honeycomb commercials were always fun, with the Hulk version being the best. I love the classic voice-over and always wanted a cool hideout like the gang in the commercials.

Herb Trimpe is one of my all time favorite Hulk artists. While I was picking up new comics off the spinner rack that were drawn by Sal Buscema, I was making monthly trips to the comic shop to pull older issues illustrated by Herb out of the back issue boxes. Herb’s art in this commercial is really well drawn and evokes a sense of what Herb was drawing in the Hulk comics at the time. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a great collection of production art from the commercial a few years ago. It was really interesting to see how the art was done for the commercial and how everything was done manually (digital production was still many years away at this time). Click the Thumbnails below to see large images of the original artwork used to make the commercial. Honeycomb, Herb, and Hulk … what a great combination!

DSC00280 DSC00283 DSC00290  DSC00284
DSC00288  DSC00286  DSC00289  DSC00285

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5 Responses to Honeycomb Cereal, Herb Trimpe, and the Incredible Hulk: How Can You Go Wrong?

  1. joefixit2 says:

    Awesome pieces Dave! I really love the unique Hulk art collectibles and this is a cool find.

    • thejadegiant says:

      Thanks Steve! I agree about unique items – they really are fun to find and collect. I have had these for a number of years and looked for a long time for the commercial but it wasn’t online anywhere. I stumbled upon it recently and had almost forgot about the artwork so it was almost like getting something new again.

  2. Jerry Rowe says:

    I just acquired one of these honey comb Hulk animation drawings myself.

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