Marvel Select Action figures: Barbarian, Unleashed, and the rest of the brotherhood

MS Hulks 2

Incredible Hulk, Ultimate Hulk, Barbarian Hulk, Avengers Hulk, Unleashed Hulk, Zombie Hulk

MS Barbarian Hulk

Two recent pickups are the Unleashed Hulk and Barbarian Hulk from the Marvel Select figure series. Pictured right are close-ups of both of these  figures. They both look great and part of a great series of figures, with each one being a good value due to the quality sculpting and how solidly they are made. I found these over the last couple of weeks. The Unleashed Hulk is a Disney store exclusive that I found during Christmas shopping. I found the Barbarian version at a comic shop when I was recently out of town. Win-win!

MS Unleashed Hulk

I thought it would be a good time to bring the brothers together for a few family photos. I have also ranked them according to my favorite versions. Please note, they aren’t ranked by how much I like the version of the character, rather, just based on the figure. I realize tastes differ, feel free to rank them yourself and post your thoughts. I am curious to know what my fellow gammabros think about these.

  1. Incredible Hulk – this one set the bar high for all versions to follow. This is a massive figure and it is made very well. It’s heavy! It feels more like a statue than a figure. Sculpt and paints on this make this one easily the best IMHO. This is the big brother in the group. He’s the alpha dog in this pack!
  2. Barbarian Hulk – I am surprised myself that I have this so high on the list but when I opened this figure I was immediately impressed. Hulk robed in barbarian garb just works. The skull necklace looks fantastic.
  3. Ultimate Hulk – an early release in this line and one that I still really like. The colors on this figure are often inconsistent but my copy is well painted. Articulation on this one is not quite as good as the others but it is very well sculpted.
  4. Avengers Hulk – I like the face on this one and the paints are very well done. The sculpt is nice but doesn’t have the upper body bulk I was hoping for considering it was based on the Avengers movie Hulk. Still a nice solid figure.
  5. Unleashed Hulk – While a nice figure that I am very happy to have, this figure has a couple glaring issues to me. The paint application is all over the place with too many shades of green used and not blended very well. The head is too small for the body.
  6. Zombie Hulk – the runt of the litter. This Hulk is noticeably smaller than the rest, it must be malnourishment. Still, it is well sculpted and a must to keep the collection complete.

Note: no red Hulk here and that is by design as this is a Hulk-only collection for me. The red Hulk, Abomination, and other villains are great figures, but I have limited the focus of this collection to only Hulk figures.

So, where do you stand on these figures?

MS Hulks

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4 Responses to Marvel Select Action figures: Barbarian, Unleashed, and the rest of the brotherhood

  1. joefixit2 says:

    Even thought the comic itself sucked beyond belief, I have to say that the Barbarian Hulk is my favorite of all of these. Followed by Ulitmate Hulk, Incredible Hulk, Avengers Hulk (would have been higher if, like you said, they had done more fine sculpting, Zombie Hulk, and Unleashed Hulk.

  2. ratchet says:

    I may be in the minority then! I rank them as such:

    -Avengers Hulk (I think the lack of detail is intentional to represent the less jacked look of the Hulk in the movie)
    -Incredible Hulk (One of the best)
    -Barbarian Hulk
    -Unleashed Hulk (wish his head was a bit bigger and he could have taken the whole she-bang!)
    -Ultimate Hulk
    -Zombie Hulk (He seems to be the runt of the litter)

  3. thejadegiant says:

    Thanks for ranking these. It is interesting to see how everyone ranks these figures. We may have a different 1-6, but I think we can all agree that these are all nice figures that make for a great series. I can’t wait to see what is next in line.

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