Marvel Universe Hulk figure

MU HulkpackageThis one has been out for a while and is my favorite of all the Marvel Universe figures made so far. The sculpt perfectly captures the look of the Hulk that I like the most. The face, the bulk, muscles, stature, … it’s a great representation of the character.

The packaging art is drawn by Ed McGuinness who is among my favorite all time Hulk artists. The art on this package is simply amazing and complements the figure very well. Stay tuned for another post on the artwork, it will be worth tuning in.

MU Hulk

The sculpt used for this figure is the same one used in the Marvel Universe Hulk vs Wolverine first appearance double-pack. The only difference is that the shade of green paint is slightly different (first picture below).  This sculpt also reminds me of another of my favorite figures from several years ago. The Marvel Legends Hulk vs Wolverine Showdown Action Pack figure has a similar look and feel (second picture below).


MU Hulk and Showdown Hulk

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