Diamond Select Toys Reveals New Ragnarok Hulk

I don’t know how I missed this, but Diamond Select revealed the new Gladiator Hulk based on the Thor: Ragnarok movie version of the Hulk at SDCC 2017 this summer. The figure looks to be a great rendition of the movie Hulk and will complement the comic-accurate version that Marvel Select just announced today. I like both of these quite a bit and will give the slight nod to the comic version at this point (I might change my mind after seeing the movie). This appears to be the version that was announced a while back that included a silhouette of the figure with no detail showing and has been available via pre-order from Diamond. See below for several sneaks (click to enlarge) from toyark’s SDCC recap. To see the full article on the comic-accurate version, click here.


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