Marvel Comics, MTV, and Dale Keown’s Hulk, oh my!

See below for a great video capturing an MTV broadcast from Marvel Studios in February of 1992. As an art collector, I really wish art was still produced this way as I miss the dialog and word balloons on the page. As someone who probably had a mullet at this time, I do not miss the hair styles of 1992.

This was also a great time for Hulk fans as it coincides with Dale Keown’s magical run on the title. Issue 390 came out this month which is one of my favorite covers that Dale drew. In the beginning, all of the changes to the character (muscle shirt, merged personality, big guns, etc) did not appeal to my gamma sensebilities but Peter David’s writing and Dale’s artwork made me a true believer pretty quickly. The Pantheon, Rick Jones, … and who can forget the bunny slippers?!? Also out that month was Hulk crossing over into Spiderman issue 19.


Hulk bunny slippers    Spider-Man_Vol_1_19

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