Marvel Mash-Up: Original Barbarian Hulk?

Picture 2Had some quality “dude time” (as he calls it) with my son today and we decided to watch the Avengers movie again (I have lost track of how many times this makes). We were cruising through the special features and came across a clip from a Marvel Mash-Up episode. We had a good laugh and he has been quoting the scene all day where Hulk yells at Rick for having to pee “Why do you have to pee? You just peed 5 minutes ago!” We just looked up the full episode and had another laugh. You may not get as much entertainment as we did but I thought I would share.

I also found a scene from the classic cartoon series that may have been the inspiration for the Aaron run’s barbarian Hulk. Check the image from the cartoon – pretty close eh?

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