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Well, duh! Hulk beats the Thing – Stan Lee weighs in. Nuff said!

Slow day in JG’ville but I did stumble upon a fun interview with Stan (THE man) Lee and The Tomorrow Show on cinemablend.com. The interview is on the long side but worth it as Stan shares some knowledge about our … Continue reading

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Mego Survivors: Hulk and his motley crew

Mego Museum web site with lots of Hulk goodness

Anyone else have Mego characters growing up? I know this will date many of you as they were popular in the olden days (as my kids would say). I had an army of these from Marvel, DC, and Star Trek. I can’t even recall all of the characters I had but I had quite a few of them. Only a few survived and remain with me today. Pictured below are the lucky survivors. The regular sized Hulk has significant 



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