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The lost Hulk annual and the Abel Brigade

The pages below are from a Hulk annual in the early 80’s that never made it to production. As the story goes, the issue was penciled by Larry Lieber and the inking duties fell to Jack Abel but before Jack … Continue reading

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Ed McGuinness packaging artwork for Hasbro Marvel Universe action figure

Ed McGuinness is one of my all time favorite Hulk artists. That says a lot as there have been quite a few great artists to draw the Hulk over the years. Ed’s Hulk hearkens back to the bronze era and you … Continue reading

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The Bowens are coming, the Bowens are coming!

The new Hulk statue from Bowen Designs (pictured left in the picture below) are starting to ship. Randy Bowen tweeted the picture above and as you can see, they are knee deep in Hulk statues for all the lucky collectors … Continue reading

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