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Hulk vs Superman CGI battle, part IV by Mike Habian

The fourth installment of the Hulk vs Superman battle has recently been uploaded to YouTube by creator Mike Habjan. If you are familiar with the previous 3 parts of the battle then you are likely to enjoy this video which … Continue reading

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Hulk Needs Your Vote! Best Comic Book Superheroes of All Time

Ranker.com is asking for your votes for the best comic book superheroes of all time. Hulk currently stands in 6th place, behind Batman, Spidey, Wolverine, Shellhead, and Supes. It’s time for all the gammabros to unite and go and cast … Continue reading

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Mego Survivors: Hulk and his motley crew

Mego Museum web site with lots of Hulk goodness

Anyone else have Mego characters growing up? I know this will date many of you as they were popular in the olden days (as my kids would say). I had an army of these from Marvel, DC, and Star Trek. I can’t even recall all of the characters I had but I had quite a few of them. Only a few survived and remain with me today. Pictured below are the lucky survivors. The regular sized Hulk has significant¬†



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