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Coca Cola + Hulk and Ant-Man = best Super Bowl commercial!

It’s only halftime of the Super Bowl but I am sure that I have already seen the best commercial of the night. What starts out as a Hulk vs. Ant-Man battle for a can of coke turns out to be a … Continue reading

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Figma Hulk Drawing Mannequin / Action Figure

This one is a little off the beaten path of things I normally buy but I just had to pick it up due to how good it looks and the multiple posing possibilities. Looking forward to seeing how the articulation … Continue reading

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Pre-order available for Gentle Giant Hulk from Thor Ragnarok has listed the Gentle Giant Hulk statue from Thor: Ragnarok for pre-order with an estimated ship date of February 2018. This statue first showed up at SDCC and continues to impress. It looks like the MSRP will be $229.99 and … Continue reading

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Puny Little Man animated short with Ed McGuinness art

I am a huge fan of Ed McGuinness Hulk artwork. In fact, he is one of my all time favorite Hulk artists and his work looks (to my eye) best when inked by Dexter Vines. I found this today from … Continue reading

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Maestro Hulk vs. Old Man Logan … by Mike Deadato!

  There hasn’t been a whole lot of Hulk in comics to get excited about lately but this caught my attention right away! I am highly anticipating this story, especially considering this will be drawn by all time great Hulk artist, … Continue reading

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That’s right, you heard it right folks, coming soon I will be posting a great podcast of a new interview with Sal Buscema! A very good friend of mine recorded the interview with Sal and the questions are centered around … Continue reading

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Hulk and Spidey switch bodies in a recent episode of Ultimate Spiderman

This sounds like fun! See the clip below of Hulk waking up in Parker’s body … “Hulk feel puny” … I will check this out for sure! From “Writer Brian Michael Bendis returns to “Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man” with an … Continue reading

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Hulk vs Batman: who ya got?

I found this fan short by Fred Reyes recently and thought it definitely worth sharing. This is a really well done and fun take on the fan boy argument between Hulk and Batman fans. It’s Marvel vs DC – who … Continue reading

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Name that Hulk! How many can you identify? Test your gamma knowledge!

Can you name the artists that drew these Hulk faces? Honor system on this one gammabros … no cheating. I have blanked out the artist list so that you can test your Hulk artist knowledge. The grey Hulks are the … Continue reading

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When a Commission Becomes a Cover: Indestructible Hulk Issue 5 Variant Cover by Chris Stevens

Issue number 5 of Indestructible Hulk will have a variant cover drawn by the insanely talented artist Chris Stevens. Chris is primarily a cover artist so you may not be as familiar with his art as many of the more … Continue reading

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