Armored up Hulk in Avengers: Infinity War? Hulkbuster Banner?!?!

Sounds crazy, right? My thought as well but an article by Cinemablend and sneaked figure packaging at Reddit has me wondering if there is a possibility that Bruce might be donning the Hulkbuster armor as part of the Infinity War story. Tony Stark has developed new armor for the movie (per the new Entertainment Weekly magazine cover) so maybe he doesn’t need the bulky suit. Maybe Bruce doesn’t want to Hulk out in fear that he will lose control to the Hulk for two years or more like he did in Ragnarok. Maybe the images from the trailer show Bruce tinkering with the armor. There is enough to make you go hmmm, but nothing more. For all we know the figure packaging could be mocked up and fake. With the Hulk’s part of the story in Infinity War kept pretty quiet so far, it does make for some interesting consideration. See pics below (click to enlarge) and for your own opinion. What do you think?

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5 Responses to Armored up Hulk in Avengers: Infinity War? Hulkbuster Banner?!?!

  1. Jeff says:

    I could believe it. 1. Go back and watch the first Infinity War trailer. When Hulkbuster Iron Man flies in and lands, doesn’t the body movement remind you of the Hulk’s somewhat apelike movements in the first two movies? Might also explain pieces of the armor strewn about. 2. Guess who they do and don’t have figures of in the Hulkbuster Lego set?

  2. Paul D. says:

    I’m thinking that Bruce will be in armor because the Hulk is “afraid” of Thanos after getting his butt kicked…

    Bruce dons the armor to fight Big T and gets his ass kicked (again) and finally Hulks out again, busting through the armor and throwing a beat down until Thanos uses the Gauntlet to gain the upper hand.

    Of course I don’t know what’s happening. It could be anything… I can’t wait til this movie comes out!!

  3. I can’t get on board with Hulk being afraid. Banner, maybe but not Hulk. We’ll see – can’t wait for next month!

  4. sbe Hulk says:

    Hulk the god smasher and unbeatable the madder he gets the stronger he gets and afraid of someone not the Hulk we know better time to smash Thanos one on one Hulk surprised Stan Lee let this go on we know the Hulk is the biggest Bad really none avenger just can not wait to SMASH

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