Will time travel be a part of Avengers 4? What could this mean for the Hulk?

Early images from the set of Avengers 4 have been leaked which are leading many to speculate that this movie may include a dose of time travel as part of the story. Early images hint at a return to the scene of the first Avengers movie where they assemble to face the Chitauri alien invasion. Why do they return to this scene? Does this change a timeline? What does this mean for the Hulk’s character? The answer to these questions won’t be answered for a while but the possibilities are endless and a lot of fun for fans to speculate upon. Personally, I immediately wonder what this could mean for the Hulk which leads me down the path of how the Time Stone or Mind Stone could allow for Banner to look inside his psyche or into his future. I’d love to see Banner look into the future and see flashes/images of himself as Joe Fixit and the Maestro. This would play into the current theme of the MCU where Banner has real fears about what he can/might do when he becomes the Hulk. Can you imagine Fixit in a pinstripe suit and Tommy Guns or Maestro among the ruins of the fallen heroes on the big screen? Gives me chills just thinking about it! We haven’t even seen the third Avengers movie and I am already excited for the fourth installment! Make Mine Marvel!

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