Hulk vs Superman CGI battle, part IV by Mike Habian

The fourth installment of the Hulk vs Superman battle has recently been uploaded to YouTube by creator Mike Habjan. If you are familiar with the previous 3 parts of the battle then you are likely to enjoy this video which is easily the best one to date as it is easy to see the artist’s skills growing with each new episode. Superman retains the iconic Christopher Reeve persona and Hulk has a very strong Lou Ferrigno look and feel according to Mike “I chose to give Hulk a closer resemblance to Lou Ferrigno, in face and body proportion but an eight foot tall, even more jacked version, minus the goofy wig.” The mashup of Lou’s face and the movie Hulk physique really works in this episode! I have also included the previous videos so if this is your first time viewing, I suggest watching them in sequence (bottom to top). Hulk smash puny boy scout! Enjoy!


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