Figma Hulk Drawing Mannequin / Action Figure

This one is a little off the beaten path of things I normally buy but I just had to pick it up due to how good it looks and the multiple posing possibilities. Looking forward to seeing how the articulation works and, who knows, it may even motivate me to pick up the pencil again and draw a bit. This is currently marked at more than half off at Prestigify and you can get another 20% off if you use the code “WELCOME20” at checkout. That’s a drop from $89.99 to $34.40 and FREE SHIPPING! Better hurry though, it says that quantities are low.

EDIT: apparently this looks like it may be a bootleg so be advised before making a purchase decision. I contacted the seller and was granted a full refund. 


Sketch/Draw/Illustrate The Hulk in perfect detail! These highly realistic and adjustable figurines are perfect for artists, illustrators, and all creatives.

  • Instantly create poses for any drawing or sketch.
  • Over 30 joints make it easy to create almost any pose.
  • Figures measure 6.5”/17cm tall and come with interchangeable hands and a placement stand.
  • Limited Supply, Not Sold in Stores
  • Due to high demand may take 2-4 weeks to arrive.
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1 Response to Figma Hulk Drawing Mannequin / Action Figure

  1. This is a bootleg. I own a true version which I paid about $90 for. This bootleg is cheap for a reason. You can see the real one on my site if you want to compare.

    But yeah the articulation is nice and the paint job (on the real one) is very beautiful. My only issue is the shoulders. They probably could have backed off a bit to make it a more seamless figure.

    It’s a nice anime style Hulk. The real one, of course.

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