New Marvel Mighty Muggs Hulk Action Figure! Bring on the Muggs!

Before there were Pop! Figures, there were Mighty Muggs and while I love my Pops, I have really missed the Muggs. I was quite disappointed when the Muggs were discontinued so I am thrilled to see them coming back as announced earlier this year. Not sure exactly how I feel about the pop down head change but my first impression is that it will be an awesome feature that allows flexibility with your display without having to mage multiple switch out heads. Win-Win! I have to think this is just the first version and that we will see more versions and the larger sizes.

These are not yet available but can be pre-ordered at Entertainment Earthfor $10.99 with a delivery ETA in January. Bring on the Muggs!

Marvel Mighty Muggs Hulk Action Figure


The awesome is back! Marvel Mighty Muggs are the classic collectible figure, and they’re better than ever. Each figure is packaged in a stackable, sturdy box and is easily removed without damaging the packaging – just cut the tape, turn the fasteners, and it’s free. And putting your figures back in the boxes for display is just as easy!

Each 4-inch figure has 3 different faces – just push down on the top of their skulls and the figures can go from angry to happy to sad, or other emotions. You can even access the mechanism without having to open the packaging. Hulk is smashing with green skin and an angry face.


Company: Hasbro
Themes: Hulk, Avengers, Marvel
Product Type: Action Figures
Characters: Hulk
Age: All Ages
Country of Origin: China
Gender: Male
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