Two new Hulks from shopDisney: Toybox Animated and Wood Warriors figures

I just ordered 2 new Hulk items from the Disney web site. I could have waited until my next store visit but I had a 25% off discount which made it almost a wash with shipping costs (and I don’t have to drive 20 miles only for them not to be there). First up is the Hulk figure from the new toybox line. I love animated figures and this one struck a chord with me when I saw it recently. I am anxious to see this one in person as it reminds me of the infinity video game figure released a few years ago. Next is the Wooden Warriors Hulk figure. I saw another version of this line (not Hulk) at GameStop a few weeks back but hadn’t seen the Hulk so I went ahead and ordered it as well. It’s a bit goofy but has a simplistic appeal that made me pull the trigger. If you are planning any online purchases in the very near term, try the code DISNEYPAL at check as it saved me 25% off.

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2 Responses to Two new Hulks from shopDisney: Toybox Animated and Wood Warriors figures

  1. The toybox figure is nice. I like animated versions as well. Slightly reminds of the fantastic Four figure that was never made. And yes I’m pretty sure they based this mold off the previous version used for the Disney Infinity game.
    The biggest drawback is how hard it is to make him hold that bent pipe.

    The wood figure looks neat but not necessarily something I need for the collection.

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