Pre-order available for Gentle Giant Hulk from Thor Ragnarok has listed the Gentle Giant Hulk statue from Thor: Ragnarok for pre-order with an estimated ship date of February 2018. This statue first showed up at SDCC and continues to impress. It looks like the MSRP will be $229.99 and BBTS has knocked off 10% with a list price of $205.99. At 18.5 inches, it will be a medium sized statue (remember, the arms are raised so the Hulk is not 18.5 inches) and the sculpt looks pretty good.

Product Description

When last we saw the Hulk at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron he was sitting on the floor of a Quinnjet that was in autopilot mode and switched off his comlink. How did he come to find himself on the other side of the galaxy serving as a pawn and champion of the Grandmaster in his deadly gladiatorial games? How did get into to space? Was that his original destination? Where do you even find a gladiator helmet that big? There are many questions to be answered when Thor: Ragnarok is released to theaters in November. In the meantime, Gentle Giant Ltd. captures what is sure to be one of the greatest re-matches in the entire Marvel cinematic universe Hulk v. Thor!

Like a raging fire, straight from his silver-screen appearance in the Thor: Ragnarok feature film, the Hulk Collector’s Gallery Statue has been digitally sculpted down the minutest detail, and hand-painted by the amazing artisans of Gentle Giant Studios. Hulk is decked out in his gladiator arena armor from the top his helmet, down to his size 32 sandals! Hulk is depicted wielding one of the biggest war-hammers you have ever seen; and you do NOT want to be on the “Hulk Smash” end of THAT! This 1:8 scale statue of Hulk is the 7th in our Marvel Collector’s Gallery statue line. You can display the Hulk Collector’s Gallery statue on its own or facing off against our recently solicited Thor Collector’s Gallery statue. The statue comes hand numbered with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Product Features

  • 18.50 inches (47cm)
  • Made of polyresin
  • Straight from his silver-screen appearance in the Thor: Ragnarok feature film
  • Has been digitally sculpted down the minutest detail
  • Hand-painted by the amazing artisans of Gentle Giant Studios

Box Contents

  • Hulk Statue
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