New Paul Pelletier Hulk art unearthed! Initial drawing for return of the Hulk from issue 610


Lost (well, maybe not lost but certainly never seen before) Paul Pelletier artwork found! I am extremely proud and humbled to be the owner of the artwork below that was part of the creative process for Hulk issue 610. In speaking to Paul, this art was the initial drawing for the Hulk reintroduction spread before he decided to change the angle and perspective to what you see published in the comic. I am thrilled beyond belief to be able to say this is part of my collection.

Pelletier DPS


Hulk issue 610, written by Greg Pak and drawn by Paul Pelletier was a great Hulk comic from a few years ago. The story has a de-powered Bruce Banner absorbing gamma radiation from the Leader and M.O.D.O.K.’s machine in order to help the Hulked-out-heroes revert to normal and save the earth. Once Banner has absorbed all of the gamma radiation, the Hulk is able to return in full gamma glory. Paul Pelletier really flexes his artistic muscle on the double page spread where the Hulk returns. I originally wanted to buy the published art from this issue but the original pages are owned by a good friend and are in his permanent collection (trust me, I know).

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10 Responses to New Paul Pelletier Hulk art unearthed! Initial drawing for return of the Hulk from issue 610

  1. GreenScar1990 says:

    You might want to fix this post, as it shows nothing. I look forward to your future post! Lot’s of great things coming out involving PLANET HULK & THOR: RAGNAROK!!!

    • Oh, that’s nice. That post took a while to compose. Thanks WordPress (not). Thanks for the heads up!

      • GreenScar1990 says:

        You’re welcome, my friend! And I love that illustration. Pelletier is one of my all-time favorite Hulk artists. He just illustrates the character with such power and incredible intensity.

        If you ever meet Paul Pelletier at an upcoming convention, I’d love a World War Hulk commission from him! I can send you $ via PayPal.

  2. Ken Martin says:

    What a great gift! I remember missing out on that original DPS. I love both the original and the published page. It’s always interesting to see the changes that were made.

  3. This is an awesome piece of art. Hope I get to meet him someday and commission something.

  4. TC Shen says:

    What?? I need to check up on your page more often Dave. This is AWESOME!

  5. daniel clavette says:

    Wow that is truly cool hulk art from hulk 610 and coolest hulk artist of all time.

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