New images/video for upcoming Hulk Transformation statue from XM Studios

XM Studios has announced a new Hulk statue and from the early images and video released it appears to be one of the best transformation statues released to date. Sculpted by Miguel Angel (Hulk, Banner) and Hery Sincity (base), this monstrous diorama checks in at an impressive 1/4 scale. With full sculpts of the Hulk, Bruce Banner, and a detailed laboratory base, this was a very ambitious piece that looks to be pulled off in spectacular fashion. This will likely fill a gap in many collections as there have not been many mass produced transformation scene statues produced for the Hulk/Banner. With a rumored price tag of $1,800 (plus shipping) this will be an expensive expenditure if you decide that you need this within you statue display. I really like the Hulk sculpture – the musculature is very well done and the face has a great classic look. Banner also looks to be well done and will be removable which provides for multiple display options. I would say my biggest question is what is going on with the base as I can’t make out all the details – nonetheless it appears to be very well done. I can’t wait to see more images of this pop up online, especially a painted version. Check below for some pictures (click to enlarge) and a nice video captured at STGCC (Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention) 2017 recently.


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2 Responses to New images/video for upcoming Hulk Transformation statue from XM Studios

  1. This looks incredibly cool. But I can’t justify $1800 by any stretch of the imagination for this.

  2. Sam says:

    I would love, Just the HULK on his own.. Maybe a cheaper version !

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