Hot Toys Gladiator Hulk available at Sideshow web site for $355


The heavily anticipated Hot Toys Gladiator Hulk from Thor: Ragnarok is available for order at the Sideshow web site.

The good news is the price – at $355 it is lower than I anticipated. The bad news – you will be waiting nearly a year to get one as the expected ship date is listed as April-June 2018.

I really like this figure so it may be my first Hot Toys purchase. I think if it were available right now, I would pull the trigger but waiting a year may have an impact. I will wait on this one.

Be sure to check out the Sideshow web site for a ton of great pictures from all angles.


Type- Sixth Scale Figure
Manufacturer Hot Toys
Artists: Clare, Yoo (Head Sculpt), Kyoung Geun, Kim (Head 3D Design), JC. Hong (Head Paint & Head Art Direction), Lok Ho (Armor Paint)


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3 Responses to Hot Toys Gladiator Hulk available at Sideshow web site for $355

  1. Yep I saw it went live a few days ago and decided to preorder one. It will also be my first hot toys figure. They have a pretty good return policy. The lady I spoke to at sideshow confirmed it’s a limited run. So I ordered but I can pretty much cancel at anytime. But this is certainly one figure I don’t wanna miss out on if I can make the payments.

  2. I am very close myself. I don’t think I will be getting any statues so this will be a nice large movie piece to display

  3. But you are right about it taking roughly a year before we will see it. I bet I’ll have bought the movie by the time I actually get this figure in hand. Haha

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