Sideshow Hot Toys Hulk figure from Thor: Ragnarok!

Get ready for the onslaught of new sneaks, previews, and announcements coming up due to it being SDCC week. The latest is the much anticipated Hot Toys Hulk figure from Sideshow. These figures always look great and this is no exception. The details look amazing on what appears to be the same Hulk platform as the original Avengers Hot Toys Hulk. The only real question on this is where the MSRP will land. We all know that Hot Toys are not cheap so I am expecting this to carry a hefty price tag, likely in the $400 vicinity. The one thing that really jumps out at me when looking at this is how similar it looks to the MEZCO TOYZ Hulk. These both appear to be great options if you are looking to buy a movie accurate Hulk, it’s just a matter of scale and budget.



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3 Responses to Sideshow Hot Toys Hulk figure from Thor: Ragnarok!

  1. Well crap. There’s the announcement I was waiting for. Now I have to decide between the Mezco and Hot toys. Budget will certainly be a issue here….decisions…

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