Mark Ruffalo says that a stand alone Hulk movie will never happen! Or will it?

Mark Ruffalo’s proclamation that we won’t be getting a Hulk movie is no surprise due to the current Marvel/Universal arrangement (i.e. the inability of the two to get along). He also says that he only has 2 or 3 years left before he is too old to play the role of Banner.

Ruffalo Hulk

I don’t buy it. We’ve heard this type of song and dance before so I am not convinced. Remember when Joss Whedon said that  Marvel will not be adapting the extremely popular Planet Hulk story to the big screen? I didn’t believe him then and I still hold out hope that Marvel and Universal will decide to play nice and we will see a Hulk movie as part of the MCU. Plus, I think Ruffalo can play Banner for quite a few more years – just look at Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man who will pass the decade mark playing shellhead with the Infinity War movies.

Is Ruffalo being coy? Does he really believe it won’t happen? Will Marvel and Universal decide they want to make boatloads of money and green light an MCU Hulk movie? I don’t know what the future holds but I am will keep on believing that we will see the movie we all want!

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