New Eaglemoss Planet Hulk

MARVEL FACT FILES SPECIAL #29 PLANET HULK is scheduled for release in late November, undoubtedly to coincide with the Thor: Ragnarok movie earlier in November. The MSRP will be $34.99 and the detail looks really good in the image below. I really like the artwork chosen for the cover of the Fact Files. The only thing I wish the mini statue had was the obedience disc on his chest but that won’t keep me from picking this up.

Eaglemoss Planet Hulk

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1 Response to New Eaglemoss Planet Hulk

  1. You’re right. I didn’t notice the missing obedience disk. Good catch. I’m not a fan of his face. Kind of a weird grimace he has. Nevertheless I’m probably gonna be getting this guy first time I see him. 😁 so much Hulk stuff coming! I’m almost overwhelmed….almost.

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