Minimates Wave 74 to include King Hulk!

Marvel-Minimates-Wave-74-DST-2I have a thing for the “smalls” in my collection. I can’t get enough of them and right at the top of the list are the Hulk Minimates. I am not sure why but I absolutely love these things so, of course, I will be adding the newest Hulk from wave 74 for sure. The new set includes a King Hulk (World War Hulk) and the armored up Red King from the Planet Hulk story line. The only trouble I find with collecting Minimates is that there are just so many of them that I have trouble keeping up with them. For example, I know there are at least 2 Walgreen exclusives that I haven’t been able to track down so I guess it will be off to eBay for those. If anyone has a checklist of all the Minimates, let me know as I need to create a list of the Hulk examples so that I can chase them down. If I do create a list, I will post here. Off to chase Minimates!


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2 Responses to Minimates Wave 74 to include King Hulk!

  1. I have some mini mates but I’m not that into them. I typically just get the coolest looking ones. This King Hulk might be worth it.

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