New Planet Hulk toys from Thor Ragnarok: Pop! Dorbz, LEGO, Hasbro Figure, mask, Smashing fists, Hallmark, and more!

The announcements for new Planet Hulk toys are coming in fast and furious and I am giddy with anticipation! WOOT! Rather than post separately for each, I will post a bunch here and some thoughts on each. Feel free to post your thoughts as well! Time to start putting money aside – this Fall will be expensive. More updates to come!

Thor Ragnarok Funko Pop Hulk. Hulk Funko Pops are must-buy for me – I love these things. It looks like we will get 2 versions (Helmed with hammer and no helmet with axe Walmart exclusive) and I won’t be surprised to see more exclusive versions pop (see what I did there) up later.



Thor Ragnarok Funko Dorbz Hulk. Like the Pops, I can’t resist these things so I will be getting all 3 versions announced so far (Helmed, No Helmet Walgreen exclusive, No Helmet BAM exclusive). BAM stands for Books-a-Million but I don’t know what that means so I will have to do some research – feel free to post if you know!




LEGO Thor vs Hulk: Arena Clash. Of course! This looks so good.


MARVEL’S THOR: RAGNAROK HULK GLADIATOR INTERACTIVE Figure. Yes, please! This looks like the stiff, head plastic figures that have come out in recent years – this will go nicely on a shelf next to them.


MARVEL’S THOR: RAGNAROK HULK SMASH FX FISTS. Another buy for sure. I have all the fists put out so far – can’t end the streak.


MARVEL’S THOR: RAGNAROK HULK-OUT MASK. I like this mask but I will probably not pick this one up because, if I did, I would probably go back and try and find all the previous masks put out and I don’t want to go down that rabbit hole.


Thor: Ragnarok Hulk Ornament. I will get this. I am actually missing an ornament or two from Hallmark – time to catch up!


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