Return of the Hulk in comics!?!? … with a twist

The Hulk is back! Or is he? Apparently the Hand has acquired and resurrected the corpse of the “The Fallen” hero and now have control of the Hulk with a plan to use him to spread their dark influence. The story is playing out so far in The Uncanny Avengers issues 15 (Oct 12) and 16 (Nov 9) and looks to be the return of the Hulk. I can’t say I am surprised as I predicted 6 months tops that Hulk would be gone. I am anxious to see how the story unfolds and where the direction of the Hulk goes while under the control of the Hand. I think it could work if written well (a la evil Hulk as Maestro in Future Imperfect) so I am anxious to see where it goes! Below are images from the issues.


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5 Responses to Return of the Hulk in comics!?!? … with a twist

  1. crowleysm says:

    It’s the Abomination…or a Hulk clone, or Benny Tibbits…anyone but the real and only Hulk

  2. Peter Saturday says:

    Are you a fan of Totally Awesome Hulk? I personally think Marvel has lost their touch!! They need someone to bring back some solid Banner/Hulk stories, Marvel hasn’t impressed me with a great Hulk story for years…

    • I don’t know. I read a little bit of the series it has stacked up since then. I am not a fan of Cho being called the Hulk. It’s a typical Marvel gimmick that I am tired of. I wish they would just leave the Hulk … the Hulk … and let Cho be Cho. Gamma powered characters seem to be proliferating lately so why does he have to be called the Hulk? Anyway … stepping off soapbox now.

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