The Hulk by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer!

Any Alan Davis fans out there? Mark Farmer? I am a huge fan of both, especially when their artistic creativity is combined. If you are an Alan Davis fan, you know that getting commissioned art from him is not easy. He doesn’t take commission requests, save quick head shots at conventions. If you are looking for a full figure piece, the only way to get one is when he brings a few pre-done pieces along to a convention. You have to be quick and lucky as these pieces generally sell very early at the shows. I love the way that Alan Davis draws the Hulk so adding a nice piece in my collection has been a goal for many years. To my surprise, this masterpiece was available earlier this year and I jumped. Fast forward a few months and an overseas commission to have Mark Farmer add inks, and I am the lucky owner of this piece. I couldn’t be happier. Another one off the collecting bucket list.

Enjoy! Stay tuned for a colored version by the very talented Paul Downey!





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