The Hulk is not dead! Or is he?

downloadRecent news of the Hulk’s death is obviously an attention grabbing scheme to sell more copies of the current Civil War II series, that much we know. Killing off a staple character is Comics 101 if you want to create a temporary sales spike or draw attention to a title (a close second behind the #1 reboot tactic). What we don’t know is how the story will play out. I hope Marvel has something really good lined up for the return of our favorite monster. The questions that are really pertinent are how he was made to look dead, whose idea was it, and how long before the triumphant return (likely accompanied by another reboot)? My money is that Banner cooked up the scheme to get himself off the grid and partnered with Hawkeye to execute the plan. hulkheadshot_400x400Maybe the arrow that does the deed is laced with a blood or neural inhibiting agent that keeps him from transforming while still keeping him alive. Or maybe Tony or Ant man came up with some micro-tech that keeps Bruce in suspended animation while the plan plays out. It could also just be a simple plot device to keep Hulk from single-handedly winning the war himself (does that sound familiar?). I sure hope it isn’t that simple but we shall see soon enough. Six months, tops, before we see ol Jade Jaws back up and smashing again. I hope the brain trust in the bullpen whips up something that blows us all away.

C’mon Marvel, knock our socks off with the Hulk’s return … and make it soon!

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11 Responses to The Hulk is not dead! Or is he?

  1. I really do hope you are right. I am less familiar with the selling strategies of comics as I am still kind of new to buying comics on a regular basis. So I took this recent development pretty hard. But what you described makes sense. I hope he comes back…and comes out swinging punches. Cause I’m not following the “totally awesome” guy. So if they want my money they better bring him back.

  2. Yeah, enough people still bite the hook and that causes a stir, talk, drama, etc. which is what the comic companies want … people talking about the character, the story, the company, etc. The Hulk is about as blue chip as they come so they won’t be permanently killing off one of their best characters. There was a lot of drama around Red Hulk and it all played out. I just hope this doesn’t take nearly as long. I don’t mind the Cho character per se, just not as they are trying to position him – as the Hulk. Make him a new gamma powered character (that is the growing trend) and give him his own name/story. Banner should always be the Hulk in continuity. ‘Nuff said

    • Agreed. Keep Amadeus as a separate gamma hero but keep the real Hulk in play. I think it would make an interesting dynamic if Hulk and Amadeus would go out and deal with things as a team. Or Amadeus could be called in to reign the Hulk in. Don’t just scrap him all together.

  3. crowleysm says:

    Let’s not forget that the Punisher shot Sam Sterns in the forehead (dead) and Red Hulk bathed him in radiation, which turned him into the Red Leader. However, he was getting some radiation treatments beforehand. Question…Cho absorbed all radiation from the Hulk and “cured” Banner. Did Banner ever get reintroduced to radiation before being shot by Hawkeye?

    • I know Banner was experimenting with dead gamma cells and introducing them into his bloodstream. It was these experiments that upset the other superheroes. Hawkeye claimed he saw Banners eyes flash green for a moment prompting him to shoot Banner with the arrow.

  4. Lvenger says:

    Yeah I’m afraid you’re gonna be disappointed given Marvel’s current marketing strategy at the moment and how Bendis has been an architect for this in his regular Marvel writing and his Marvel event comics such as Secret Invasion & Siege. Marvel has gotten into the habit of killing off or removing their iconic characters for starters. Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America and Hulk have been either killed off or replaced more than 2-3 times in the last 10+ years respectively to generate sales boost and clickbait interest in a gimmick. That’s what they do now, shake up and dramatically change one character’s status quo only to replace them with an insert diversity quota replacement. This can be attributed to the culture of the Big Two’s business whereby any created characters do not ultimately belong to the creators but to the company itself. Hence why writers save their fresh ideas for their creator owned comics. Which is why Amadeus Cho has been character assassinated and made the Totally Awesome Hulk.

    Secondly, even if there’s a slim chance they could be lying, both Bendis and Brevoort have said in interviews that Bruce Banner really is dead for the time being. This was what was discussed at that Marvel retreat early this year when Civil War II was developed amongst the Marvel creators, this was the big shock they were teasing. Hulk is killed by Hawkeye with a weapon designed by Banner to kill him. I admire your optimism to this as you’re far more into the Hulk than I and rightly say the Hulk is as “blue chip” as characters come, that won’t bring him back within 6 months I can assure you. Captain America was Old Steve Rogers for over a year when Falcon was made his replacement before Kobik made him young again and a Hydra double agent to boot. The real Thor is still unworthy and subservient to Jane Thorster for well over a year now with no sign of him getting his real hammer back. And now Iron Man will be replaced by both a diversity gimmick and a Superior Spider-Man gimmick. If Iron Man can be shelved at Marvel currently, Hulk can too. I predict we won’t see the real Hulk again until Thor Ragnarok at most, which is a 2017 release.

    Lastly, Bendis is someone who is used to killing off Marvel characters, A list and B list alike. He killed off Sentry, Wasp, Ares and more and whilst these 3 are back, it took years and the usually contrived comic book plot devices to do so. I’ve ranted long enough but the main point is with the way Marvel is conducting its business, iconic characters are not safe from retirement or death just to raise a few quick bucks and some news headlines.


  5. I can’t disagree with most of what you have said – thanks for the well written comment Louis. I share many of your frustrations and don’t really care for the writing direction Marvel has been taking over a several year period. It’s why I have pretty much stopped reading new books and wait until I hear that a story is actually good before going back to read (as trade usually). I am a much bigger fan of great writing and killing off heroes to spike sales is indeed gimmicky to me as well. To be honest, I have yet to find anyone who actually says “I love seeing heroes killed off” and more often hear people refer to times past when writing was better. That being said, there is good stuff coming out for sure, it just seems more hit and miss and worth waiting to see what those stories are after the fact. Luckily, not reading as much doesn’t keep me from getting my Marvel fix in other ways. Movies, TV shows, art, etc. all seem to scratch the itch in a different way. Your comment of “for now” is where we totally agree and it is just a waiting game to see how long that will take. I am an optimist and readily agree that 6 months may be light on how long before we see Hulk back … but I’ll be here whenever he comes back.

    Make my Hulk incredible again Marvel!

    • crowleysm says:

      I just found out that Namor and Attuma were killed off by Hyperion in Jan. Neither of them are back. Abomination is still dead. I’m betting that Marvel will have a “the dead rise” series where everyone is brought back from the grave.

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