Herb Trimpe tribute jam artwork WIP

The Trimpe jam commission has been on a slow ride but it coming close to completion and has been a lot of fun. It started in 2008 or 2009 when I purchased the classic re-do of Herb’s iconic marketing artwork. I started adding Hulk head shots from artists that I really like and felt would be a great addition to the piece. I was only able to show Herb a couple of the head shots and he seemed to appreciate the artistic contributions to his artwork. Sadly he won’t get to see the finished piece but it is turning out to be a fitting tribute as all of the artists seemed eager to add their work to the jam.

Artists on the jam include Herb Trimpe (main figure), Humberto Ramos & Joe Weems, Lee Weeks, David Finch & Jonathon Glapion, Ed McGuinness, Jon Buran & Joe Weems.

Next up I am planning to have Mark Morales add inks to the McGuinness pencils and see if I can get Lee Weeks to ink his own penciled head shot. Enjoy!

Trimpe tribute

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